The Importance Of Signage In Our Every Day Lives

Digital school signs

From a church marquee to outdoor signs for schools, signs are more important than many of us may have initially believed. In fact, many of us simply take their presence in our lives for granted. After all, a church marquee is common in most small (and even the larger) towns across the United States, and we take it as part of our day to day life. But what we don’t think about is how that church marquee can help the church, how signs provide us vital information, and how signs have a direct impact on the way that we think.

LED signs for businesses – or even any type of sign – has become crucial for success in the modern world. In fact, good signage has been directly linked to an increase in sales by more than seven percent, as studies have shown that people in the United States can be convinced by a billboard. After all, nearly 70% of all survey respondents said that they made a considerable amount of their shopping decisions while in the car, the perfect place to a see a billboard for a product they could be convinced to buy. Nearly 40% of all people would not have ever known about a store that they shop at had it not been for a sign, and over 30% of people surveyed said that they visited a previously unknown store within a week of seeing a billboard or a sign for it. The same benefits can be had for restaurants and events. More than half of survey respondents learned about a new restaurant that they ultimately enjoyed because of a sign, and the same percentage of people learned about an event that they then became interested in attending in that same way. Business signage is clearly effective at promoting said business, increasing awareness of the business and, therefore, ultimately increasing sales.

Signage can also be important for conveying information. Signs for churches, like a church marquee, for example, can tell parishioners important news about church events, as well as more mundane things like worship times. Signs for government buildings can provide similar information, and signs for schools and provide important dates, like return dates after school holidays and report card pick up days. These signs, particularly in the case of a school sign board, can also be used to honor exemplary students who have won an award or a contest, or for school sports teams that have good seasons.

Signs are important parts of our lives even though we do not give them much conscious thought. But signs can be used to effectively grow businesses, to inform people about products or events, and keep a community like a church or a school up to date on relevant information.

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