The Importance Of Security Systems In The United States

Commercial intrusion security, as well as the security systems that you would find in a typical home, is hugely important in all aspects of the commercial and private worlds. Preventing against burglary with commercial security products and commercial intrusion security is a must, and can protect your assets considerably. In fact, without a commercial intrusion security system, you become as much as three hundred percent more likely to suffer a burglary and lose valuable products, be it from a commercial place of business or even in your own home.

Hi tech business security systems that involve commercial intrusion security are becoming more popular than ever before here in businesses all throughout the entirety of the United States, with more than ten percent of all business (one out of every seven, to be more exact) employing some type of alarm system as a preventative security measure. These business security solution and commercial intrusion security can even be effective at dissuading a burglar before they ever even attempt to break in, as fifty percent of all (previously unplanned) burglaries would be aborted if a commercial security system was noticed. And of the burglars who planned out their burglaries, more than eighty percent said that they first looked for the presence of commercial intrusion security systems before actually attempting a burglary – and that they would avoid homes and places of business that had a security system present and accounted for. Just simply installing a video surveillance system for commercial intrusion security could reduce your risk of your place of business falling victim to a break in by as much as sixty seven percent, far more than half.

If you are a small business owner, it is also unfortunately likely that your business will be victimized by your own employees. This is because employee theft in both small businesses and large has long been a problem in the United States, with as much as thirty eight percent of your total inventory shrink attributed to shop lifting and thirty four percent directly attributed to employee stealing and shoplifting. The use of surveillance cameras can be crucial to prevent your employees from stealing from your business, even if you are a small business with well trusted employees. After all, having security cameras and a commercial intrusion security system will not help, and reliable and effective security can even be considered essential to providing a safer work environment from employees, as well as preventing shoplifting of all types.

If you own a business in the United States, then you know that shopping around the holiday season gets particularly chaotic. People are buying last minute gifts and it can become something of a frenzy as stock dwindles and more and more people must leave without their intended purchase. This can often be linked to the rise in crime that is seen in places of business during this busy and often frantic and chaotic holiday season, with data showing that more break ins happen during this two week period than at any other time during the entire rest of the year. If you do not already have a security system by the time that the month of December rolls around, it is highly advisable that you get one as soon as you are able to, as this will help to keep your employees as well as your products safe even if things do get a little out of hand, as becomes a very real possibility in this period of time right before the calendar year officially draws to a close.

Fortunately, it is far more likely that, if your security system does go off, it’s actually a false alarm and not a real break in. In fact, as many as ninety eight percent (and no less than ninety four percent) of all alarm activations are false alarms, according to police forces all around the country. But, at the end of the day, it is far better to be safe than to be sorry, even if it does become somewhat of a nuisance every now and again, with a false alarm requiring as many as twenty minutes of police attention to solve.

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