The Importance of Proper Signage In Advertising

Eco friendly signs

Are you a marketing manager or business owner who is looking for new and innovative ways to reach new customers? If so, you aren’t alone. That is why the general public is always seeing new ads in newspapers, rebranded products, online banners, and much more. The good news for you is that there are always ways to get the word out about the service or product that you offer. Many of those ways involve signage in some shape or form. Below are a few options for you to choose from:

Display Board For Sales – Did you know that over 50 percent of all customers choose to enter a business because of its signage? If that doesn’t make you reconsider all of your current outdoor advertising then what will? Even if you keep your main storefront sign the same, you can attract new customers with having a specific display board for sales that are coming up. Just a simple display board for sales that are a week or two away is something that will make a customer who passes by your business every day, take a second look. You are essentially standing out in the crowd because you’ve added just one simple change to the way your store looks to the outside customer.

Custom Sandwich Boards – If you’ve driven around in your community and seen people wearing or spinning signs for sales that are going on at a nearby business you may have thought it wasn’t doing too much, but you read the sign didn’t you? Studies show that over 70 percent of people actually look at these types of roadside advertisements, and many of those people choose to shop there later because of what they saw. If you can hire someone to wear a customer sandwich board with your business name, logo, and brief sales statement on it near a busy intersection there is no telling how many new customers you could reach.

Signs and Banners – This may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to advertise your business is to get your information on signs and banners that potential customers can read. Seven out of ten consumers stated that, to them, the quality of a businesses’ sign reflects the quality of the actual business. That means that if your storefront sign or old billboard sign that you haven’t updated in a while is not eye-catching, current, or in great shape, your customers won’t think that you are either.

There are dozens of ways to market your business. In the age of technology so many marketing companies are focused on the digital techniques like SEO and social media, but there is still something to say for the tried and true advertising choice of signage. If you haven’t considered how your signs, banners, and display boards are looking recently then it may be time to give them a bit of attention. Find ways to catch the eyes of customers that walk by your store on a daily basis – when you do that you know that you’re doing something right.

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