The Importance of Electronic Signs for Churches

Are you hesitating on replacing your traditional church signage with a digital one? Do you feel that your current church marquee signs are enough for your congregation? Or, do you want to lower marketing costs while improving the community’s engagement with your church?

If you want the latter, then definitely go with outdoor electronic signs for churches. Most church officials do not see digital signs as something that can help parishes let people know about their services. However, if you don’t go digital, you’ll be losing out on an excellent opportunity to reach out to your existing members, visitors, and potential churchgoers.

Using outdoor LED signs for churches helps congregations overcome various issues. This technology can keep everyone informed about the events and services taking place in the church – focused on improving engagement with the members and the community.

Makes the Parish More Visible to the Community

In a recent study, 71% of the people who responded conveyed that they often look at the messages on roadside billboards – both traditional and digital signs combined.

However, using digital marquee signs for churches draws passersby’s attention more often than their traditional counterparts. They’re perfect for displaying Bible quotes inside the church and can also be used outside the place of worship for announcing events and service times.

To take full advantage of your electronic church signs, you can even include images to better deliver the message to your members. Since going digital allows you to reach a larger audience, you can expect to receive new members as early as the same day the sign goes live.

Broadcasts Up-to-Date Information

Another critical thing to note is that using digital signs makes it easy to keep everyone up to speed regarding crucial information. Plus, if you’re using several displays, changing the messages on each one will only take a few minutes. With this ease at which the signs can be modified, it will be quicker to relay important information to the church members.

Modernizes the Church

Most people – especially the younger generation – wouldn’t want to go to an old-fashioned church. If you go with LED signs for churches, you can cross out this issue and more.

The modern way of displaying service hours, special events, and critical information is by using electronic signs. During each service, digital signage also lessens the need to print prayer books and hymnals, helping drive a more environment-friendly world.

Enhances Communication Among Members

Opting for both indoor and outdoor church signs can be beneficial for the whole congregation. You’ll be able to relay important and relevant announcements, news, and events to both church members and guests. Congregational offices can avoid having to allocate additional bulletin space and printed material for these event reminders.

Improves Churchgoers’ Experience

Most electronic sign software offers endless possibilities in display modifications. Auditory or video elements can easily enhance meditation, Bible reading, or even prayer meetings.

These tools make it simple to broadcast sermons or even video messages from parish officials. Although these live streams cannot replace in-person encounters, they can give visitors a solid indication of what to expect if they attend the church’s service or event.

The electronic displays also offer the opportunity to live-stream a service – with the broadcast showed throughout the church grounds. Parents no longer miss out on a sermon when taking their noisy small children outside.

Reduces Printout Expenses

Digital solutions allow parish employees to quickly modify messages. The church will be able to eliminate printing expenses, saving significant money. You can also say goodbye to printing errors that you worry about with printed materials.

Saves Time

Gone are the days of using ladders to change each traditional sign’s message, eliminating the risk of getting employees injured in the process. The digital alternative can be updated without climbing up the signage. Using the software that comes with it can save a significant amount of time as changing content can be done in a matter of minutes.

Boost Your Church’s Engagement with the Community

Displaying religious messages and announcing church events can contribute to a greater sense of participation for the parish members. Use electronic outdoor church signs to broadcast all these and more, and watch how it improves and deepens the community’s involvement. They’ll be more inclined to look around and see what you have to offer.

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