The Importance of Community in School Fundraising Events

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Schools often do not receive enough funding for all of their projects and needs. To account for these needed funds, schools are frequently looking for ways to raise money. They are regularly asking for parent donations, community support, and organizing events that may bring in money. If you are in charge of the local school?s funding, consider these unique fundraising ideas. You are likely to see a greater increase in funds from the different sources of income.

Host a community event

Most school fundraising events are strictly for the students and their families. Although this can be a great way to raise funds, parents can quickly get tapped out. If many different organizations and groups are coming to them for donations, they will have to limit who they give money to. You are also likely to see less of a turnout when parents are expected to attend multiple events, and donate money and goods at each of these events. Instead, consider hosting a community event. A community event is similar to student events, but invites all of the local residents of the community as well.

You can advertise the community event in community newspapers, city bulletins, and on the school marquee. There are thousands of community members that do not attend the school who drive by the school marquee on a daily basis. In fact, more than one third (37%) report looking at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one. Many of them even pay attention to the messages on the digital school signs. Create a catchy and unique message to the community members on the electronic signs. Also, remember to provide them with a contact number for registration or event questions.

Teach a class or lesson

People are more likely to donate money when they are getting something in return. It feels like a transaction, rather than a simple donation. Organize a class or lesson for community and school members. Find a professional to teach the class. Ensure that the class is something that many community members will find to be relevant. Think of classes like financial lessons, Microsoft Word classes, or tax season lessons. These are all things that people struggle with and are likely to enroll in a class. Advertise the class on the school?s LED business signs for greater awareness.

The school marquee should include all relevant class information including class dates, times, and who can enroll. The school marquee should also have registration information for those wishing to enroll. Approximately 85% of a businesses? customers live or work within a five mile radius of its location. Gaining the support of the direct local community of the school can be extremely beneficial for future fundraising and class events.

Ask for volunteers

Most people are more willing to donate their time than their money. The best way to raise money is with awareness. Simply put, the more people that know about your financial needs, the more likely you are to achieve those needs. When you branch out your volunteer efforts to include community members, you are actively involving more people. Those community members are going to share the school?s needs with additional people, people that you would have originally never had access to. You will drastically increase your community support, both in volunteer and fundraising.

Host a sale

Sales are a great way to introduce your cause to other people. They encourage people from all over to attend the event, in hopes of a good sale. Request item donations from family and school members. Advertise the school garage sale on the school?s electric business signs, informing community members that they are also welcome to attend or to sell. The funds raised will go back to the school, but the biggest benefit is the spread of community awareness.

Exterior signs, such as school marquees are a great way to increase local awareness. The value of an onsite sign is the same as 24 full page newspaper ads each year. When you are attempting to raise funds for your school, consider using the awareness benefits of the school marquee. Advertise unique events that also benefit community members and you will see an increase in funding.

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