The Dirtiest and Most Overlooked Sources of Germs in a Business

Commercial office cleaning

Cleaning is an important part of any business. Although it does not directly affect the profits of a business, it can second hand reduce customer satisfaction and overall profits. When a business does not meet the cleanliness expectations of a customer, the customer is unlikely to return and also likely to negatively communicate about the said business. Many businesses attempt to properly clean their place of business, but many fail at successful efforts. It is possible that even you are overlooking the following cleaning requirements.

Proper sanitization of regularly used items
Most office cleaning services include regular cleaning tasks such as cleaning bathrooms, dusting, emptying garbage?s, washing dishes and sinks, and cleaning tiled floors. However, most germs and bacteria sit on places you would not think of. Professional cleaning services should also include full sanitization of door handles, desk phones, computer and computer accessories, and any other area that employees and customers frequently touch. With more than 10 million bacteria lurking on the average office desk with 7,500 organisms hidden in your keyboard, you cannot overlook these areas.

Carpet cleaning services
It is generally easier to identify a dirty tiled or hardwood floor. Foot traffic leaves debris from outdoors on the floor and wet weather conditions leave wet footprints. Most office cleaning services include tile floor cleaning and carpet vacuuming to remove debris. Vacuuming, however, does not remove bacteria and harmful contaminants from the carpets. It fact, it can sometimes embed them even deeper, allowing them to grow and multiple.

Office carpet cleaning services are important to the overall health of the employees and customers. Approximately 10% of the cleaning revenue is earned by carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Yet, you would be surprised at how many commercial office cleaning companies do not include regular carpet cleaning in their services. If regular carpet cleaning services are not included in your outsourced cleaning services, ensure that you are also adding this service to your cleaning plan.

Green cleaning services
In some cases, the strong products used by office cleaning companies can be worse than the bacteria that are removed. Our bodies are somewhat used to the spread and existence of germs, but harmful cleaning products can wreak havoc on the body. It also can heighten current medical problems for some. Office cleaning services, for this reason are moving towards more green friendly services. Not only are they safer for employee and customer use, but they are also better for the environment.

According to a study by the investment bank Scott Macon, the cleaning and janitorial industry is expected to grow faster between 2014 and 2020, at 4.3%, than it did in previous years (2.7% growth per year between 2010 and 2012). As a result, the market sector is expected to be worth nearly $60 billion in 2016, and to surpass that amount by 2017. Much of this growth is expected as a result of the introduction of green cleaning services. Business owners are aware of the need for safer cleaning products, but are not familiar enough with green cleaning products.

Exterior cleanliness
A businesses first impression is formed based on the exterior. Even if the business is spotlessly clean inside, a poorly maintained exterior can ruin the customer?s opinion. Some customers may not even make it into the business. Also, an untidy and contaminated exterior is a safety hazard for both customers and employees, with the potential of costing business owners in terms of money and liabilities. Business cleaning services can also be contracted to complete exterior cleaning services.

Many business professionals outsource their cleaning responsibilities. Simply outsourcing cleaning duties to a professional is not enough. You must also consider the parts of the business that require additional cleaning. Most diseases and illnesses are spread from germs, and some office cleaning services companies fail to sanitize some of the most contaminated items. Other areas that are common overlooked include parking lots, carpet sanitizing services, and parking lot care.

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