The Different Types of Pressure Blowers and The Industries Where They Are Used

Pressure blowers are needed in many different industrial locations, especially when low volume and high pressure are needed. Some of these different systems may be soil remediation, combustion, and high-pressure gas-handling locations. Additionally, pressure Blowers with open style steel wheels can also be used in systems handling, smoke, gases, or light non-abrasive dust.

High Pressure Centrifugal Blowers

The type of pressure blowers needed are often determined by the system requirements needed and the temperature specifications of the locations. One of the most common types of blowers used is the centrifugal blower, which changes the direction at which the air is blown, even by as much as 90 degrees. While the centrifugal pressure blowers will be able to provide a great deal of air support, it is important that the area remains below 104 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain the lasting life of the system.

Air Knife Blower Systems

Even though blower systems like regenerative air blowers, maintaining the operating system while the requirements and temperature specs are upheld. One more system is the air knife blower that helps to remove free-standing materials from the surface of others that are stored inside any area.

Regenerative Blowers

While pressure blowers keep stable air pressure during all operations, it can be turned up or down based on the needs of the location. With regenerative blowers, they can be turned down to zero flow, sometimes via a discharge damper. The market covers three categories regarding the blower’s different stages from single to double, and even three-stage. Single-stage regenerative blowers made up over two-thirds of the market last year, most often used in the food industry. While these blowers have two styles of intake protection, in-line or air intake filters, there is much to be gained from the protection of the air where food and other products are stored.

With pressure blower manufacturers working to produce all of these different machines for the protection of all products, there is a great deal to gain from these blowers. No matter the industry or field in which your business runs, there is much to gain from keeping the air pressure and quality at the proper state. All products have certain needs in order to maintain high quality, and pressure blowers are able to help with that need. It could take a while to find the right blower for your business, but the long-term effects will be worth it.

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