The Best Ways to Market Your Product

Acrylic pedestal display stands

Every single year the trends that exist in the world of marketing and advertising change in ways that many believe are dramatic. For a stretch of three to four months, there may be a trend that is popular in advertising and businesses across the nation will do their best to cash in on this trend before it changes. This can be seen in even the culture of the United States as well as social media trends dominate the internet.

One of the big changes to occur within the world of advertising and marketing involves technology and how often people use it in their daily lives. For instance, the average consumer will be exposed to almost 3,000 advertisements and promotional messages every single day. Thanks to how often people use smartphones and social media, that number is bound to grow in the future.

A consumer will usually decide whether or not they want to stay with a current brand they use or whether they want to buy from a competitor at the most within 7 seconds and this is why so many business owners are stressed with advertising. It is hard to keep up with these trends. However, even using something as simple as a picture display stand can help any business owner attract customers and improve their business traffic as well.

There are so many studies that are conducted involving how a picture display stand can affect the traffic and sales of a product. First and foremost, it is important to understand that 60% of all purchases that happen within the store are classified as impulse purchases. So all a picture display stand needs to do is get a customer in the store so that they will make an impulse purchase.

This is why many businesses believe that a picture display stand, metal sign holds, and portable sign stands are essential to the success of their business. Even though most people will use the internet to look up information on a project they will usually end up going to a store to shop. There, the utilization of a picture display stand really matters as it can make a product seem appealing to the casual consumer.

Business owners should understand that over 80% of all shoppers will make a decision to buy something when they are in the store. Using indoor sign stands help businesses tremendously as revealed by a Mass Merchant Study in which 16% of all unplanned purchases were due to a display stand noticed while shopping. Business owners can also use outdoor sign stands as well to help benefit their business.

Merchandise that is marked at full price will perform 18% better with signage like retail displays as opposed to merchandise without signage. Other studies have revealed that merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise that did not have a sign of 20%. So the usage or product display stands is evident according to data and numbers collected by numerous surveys and experts.

In Conclusion

Any business owner that is looking to improve their advertising and marketing quality without spending a fortune would be wise to look into product display stands and possibly even using a picture display stand. As previously mentioned, the data and statistics gathered by advertising experts reveal too many that these types of advertising ploys do great with the general public. People love to buy things on impulse, to be spontaneous, and there is a great way for plenty of businesses to capitalize on this feeling.

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