The Benefits Of Using Staffing Agencies

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There are so many small business owners in the United States that work hard to earn a living every single day across the nation. These men and women try to find and sustain success with their small business in some way and they will either find that success or they will fail and will have to try again. However, most small business owners overlook a really easy way that they could get a big jump on the competition and it really is not difficult.

One of the easiest ways that a small business owner could get an advantage when competing with other businesses is by working in tandem with staffing agencies. Working with staffing agencies brings so many benefits to small business owners and it is absolutely great for these people to get the best results from this. This is because staffing agencies know all of the facts about hiring the right employees.

For instance, just about 93% of all staffing companies will look a potential job candidate’s social media profile before they hire them. So this is one way in which they clearly understand how to hire people. Keep in mind as well that there are more than 3 million temporary and contract employees that work for staffing agencies across the nation each week.

So it is safe to say that any business can benefit when they team up with a staffing company, temp agencies, and temporary employment agencies. Here are all the advantages that come along with working with staffing agencies.

Staffing Agencies Reduce Employee Turnover

Whenever new employees are involved with a structured and well-versed onboarding program, they are over 50% more likely to be with a company after three years. Now, this may not seem like a big deal but it will once we discuss the money lost in turnover every single year. Employee turnover is a dangerous situation for any business to deal with, especially a small business.

Just about 57% of all organizations and businesses across the country believe that employee retention is a serious problem that they have to deal with. This is because every single year businesses will lose out on just about $11 billion because of employee turnover. This can leave a small business absolutely crushed as they try to compete with large-scale corporations moving into the local area.

When an employee quits they job it ends up costing a business anywhere between 30% to 150% of that employee’s salary. It is important to try and keep an employee early on because 22% of all new hires will leave a job within the first 45 days of being hired. On top of this, just about 46% of all people working in the field of human resources state that employee retention is their number one problem.

They Hire the Right Employees

For many business and organizations across the nation, employee engagement is believed to be the second most serious problem that they face, according to just about 36% of all organizations. It is important to know that just about 86% of all employee recognition programs believe that these programs have helped boost the happiness of their workers. Happy workers do great work and this is why it is essential for businesses to work with staffing agencies.

Not only are employee engagement programs important, hiring the right employees is also important. Research has been conducted and the results have revealed that companies that are gender-diverse are 15% more likely to outperform their peers that are not gender-diverse. Furthermore, it has been revealed that ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their peers that are not ethnically-diverse.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that working with staffing agencies can help the average businesses tremendously in multiple ways. Not only does it help them hire the right employees it will also help them keep their employees. This is so difficult for many businesses and it is often why they end up failing in the long run. It is nearly impossible to make solid money and to profit if you are consistently having to hire new employees while losing money on employee turnover rates. Work with staffing agencies and watch the benefits come your way.

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