The Benefits of Professional Corporate Headshots

Across the globe, technology is constantly changing how people live their lives. Now, technology is also working to change how business is conducted in regards to people getting hired and working. For instance, there are now more telecommute jobs than ever before thanks to LinkedIn and the internet. Also, professional corporate headshots are incredibly important now as well.

Benedict Evans is a company that studies data that relates to social media. Recently, their data has revealed that almost 22 billion photos are shared on Instagram and nearly 730 billion photographs are shared on Facebook. People really enjoy taking photographs and should take the time to make sure their headshots are great as well. Here are the benefits of using professional photography for professional corporate headshots.

Professional Corporate Headshots Offer A Great First Impression

A study has revealed that almost one-tenth of a second for someone to create a first impression of a stranger from just how their face looks alone. Therefore, anyone can understand why it is important to have nice professional photos. Especially if you are someone trying to get a job through a job board for a remote position.

Another study has revealed that almost 90% of all first impressions come from two important qualities which include competence and trustworthiness. Experts recommend that professional headshots help communicate both of these qualities instantly. However, this is obviously much easier said than done. Therefore, it is wise to hire in a talented photographer to get the very best professional corporate headshots.

LinkedIn And The Internet Allow For New Job Opportunities

The development of LinkedIn has brought together social media and job boards into one website. This is a place where employees can create profiles with headshots, job information, job experience, life experience, and more. This is the perfect type of place to show off and use professional corporate headshots to your advantage.

In a study of LinkedIn photos, researchers found six factors had a positive impact on first impressions. Those who smiled with teeth, who had slight eye squints, who had accentuated jawlines, who dressed formally, and who made eye contact with the camera fared better than subjects who did not. Get a talented photographer that will help you get impressive headshots for your future jobs.

Closing Words On Professional Corporate Headshots

According to Psychology Today, a Psychological Science study published in June 2014 found that even small changes made to the same individual’s profile picture could result in a dramatically different first impression. Therefore, it is wise for any prospective workers to consult with photographers for the best headshots.

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