The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Sales Team

Inside sales consulting

Statistics show that 50% of companies operating in North America use contract sales forces in some way. While sales is considered a core competence that should many feel as though should not be left to an outside third party like a sales consulting firm, several companies have benefited from outsourcing this key revenue generator. Outside sales reps are able to convert prospects into clients 40% of the time, compared to 18% by inside sales reps. A contracted outside sales force might introduce your company to new strategies that were not previously thought of. Sometimes having an entire team who is new to your product and service with the responsibility of influencing customers to purchase your products brings in a fresh new perspective on how it should be presented to customers. Sales consulting services also have a way of alleviating the need to spend time constantly looking for and training new salespeople due to the usually high turnover rates within this position. Let?s take a closer look at some of the added benefits to outsourcing your company’s sales consulting.

A Harvard Business Review survey found that 78% of those surveyed felt that outsourcing leads increases call and sale volume. Outsourcing to a sales consulting company can help increase your profit and revenue. The majority of outside sales companies bring with the the kind of analytics needed to predict and determine the most profitable prospects in regards to new customers. This is a great way to help the outsourced sales force prioritize and target potential customers based on the purchase history which will definitely results in more revenues. The information garnered by the sales team regarding the buying history of customers will improve the company?s return on investment and decrease expenses. A company can save an average of 60% in operations costs with an outsourced individual.

The sales consulting performing and managing all the sales activities allows more free time for your employees to focus on more critical matters. It also allows the company to venture into other markets, adopt other form of conversion methods, and production techniques that can definitely increase sales and overall performance.

Once you have more free time available and a decent list of individual salesmen, you?ll be able to introduce new services and products to your customers. A sales consulting firm has the resource and possibly the numbers capable to handle more product or service lines. It can even be something you do across the entire company. Having an outsourced inside sales solutions gives you a much bigger capacity to roll out new products and services and open new channels. Outsourcing sales also allows you to explore new markets that you haven?t had time or the manpower to explore before. This is a great way to engage more customers and break into different industries that will focus on a new audience.

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