The Basics of Contractor Marketing

The Basics of Contractor Marketing

In the world of marketing, there are several approaches to brand representation that vary across industries. Each business has its own marketing needs, and each brand has its own mission statement and focus. To cater to each business’s specific branding and product, marketers are tasked with creating social media content, printed content, and website content. Website building is one of the most crucial parts of a business’s branding, and independent contractors are no exception. This video provides a brief overview on how marketers go about making websites for general contractors.

For a website catered towards clients of a general contractor, it is vital that the site be easy to navigate and legible. There needs to be a clear indicator of what the general contractor can do, as well as where they are willing to offer their services.

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If a customer is on your page and cannot tell what you do, your website has fundamentally failed. In addition, include many examples of your work with high-definition pictures of the entire process. This will give your visitors a visual of what you can do, as well as encourage them to picture your work impacting their own projects.


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