The Average Day of a Landscaper

The Average Day of a Landscaper

If you have ever considered becoming a landscaper, it is good to know what you are getting yourself into. Watch this video for a look into the average day of a landscaper.

The day of a landscaper varies heavily.

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It all depends on what current projects are being worked on and what else there is to get done. Working on lawns and green spaces will be most of what any landscaper does on a normal day, but that isn’t all. A landscaper also has to spend a portion of their day commuting to the different job locations. Depending on how far your business reaches, you will either have a lot of time allocated to commuting or hardly any at all. For a landscaper that solely works in their local area, a lot of commute time is obviously not necessary. If you plan on expanding your business and moving into new areas, commute time will be far greater.

Another normal part of any landscaper’s day is speaking with current or prospective customers. The biggest thing for any business, self-owned or not, is building up a customer base. Good customer service and a friendly attitude go a long way when trying to build a foundation of concurrent customers. A landscaper will spend a lot of their days speaking with current customers about their landscaping needs as well as speaking with potential customers who reach out about your services.

For more information, be sure to watch the entire video.

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