The 5 Best Reasons to Use Flashing Tape for Your Deck

When you are looking for materials to renovate a home or just made improvements on a home, there are a lot of materials to choose from. The same is true for installing a new deck or repairing one that is already in place. First, you have to pick the materials for the planks of the new deck. Next, you need to pick the material you will use to protect the deck. When you do this correctly, you can extend the lifespan of your deck by a long time. Here are some reasons to look at flashing tape for your deck installation or repair:

  1. Flashing tape is great to keep your deck safe from moisture. One of the biggest threats to your deck and its substructure is moisture. Whether you live in a foggy or rainy part of the country, this is the number one thing you have to protect your deck from. You can use this kind of tape on beams, rim joists, beams, and ledger boards. You need to take care to cover screw holes as that if often the route in that water takes to get to the substructure of your deck.
  2. It extends the length of time the screws stay where they should. If you use a tape that is butyl based, you can make sure your screws stay in place for a longer amount of time. Moreover, the screw themselves will have a longer lifespan. The reason for this is that moisture that can destroy the screws and wood around them. When the water gets to these areas, experienced freezing and melting, the result is damage to the wood. A good tape will keep all of that from happening.
  3. It is super easy to put in. You do not need to use power tools or even work gloves to install this. Typically this is a peel and stick material. You do not need to do a lot of trimming. It can be applied directly to the wood. It would be hard to find anything comparable in quality of protection that is easier to install. Almost anyone can install this stuff.
  4. It is very cost-effective. To cover what needs to be cover on a deck that is the typical size, approximately 20 feet by 12 feet, it costs under $100. This means that the entire deck’s substructure can be covered and protected for a much smaller cost than you would expect with other kinds of materials that are used for this. Using this material to protect your deck can help keep the substructure in the same shape as the deck itself.
  5. The flashing tape will give you a great ROI. That is “return on investment.” When a deck is added to a home, the living space is increased, and the value of the home goes up. The typical ROI for putting in or renovating a deck is 83% of the cost (if the deck is solid wood) and 65% (if the deck is made from a composite material). If you use this material to protect your deck, you will make the deck last longer.

Adding outdoor living areas to a home, such as decks, gardens, or patios, can do a lot to increase the venue of the property. The majority of people in the United States say they think the way a home looks on the outside is important. Just as many say they like to spend time with friends and family in their outdoor living space. It is just a good deal all around.

The goal, when installing a new deck or fixing up an existing one, is to make sure the substructure is as well protected as possible. As was mentioned, there are a lot of materials and products out there that can be used to do this. As good as the other products and materials are, it is very hard to beat flashing tape in a number of areas. It is durable, easy to install, less expensive than other materials, and just works great. If you want to keep your deck last a long time, this is the material for you to use.

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