The 4 Real Benefits to Having an Outdoor Business Sign

Outdoor led display

Today’s businesses have a number of ways at their disposal to spread the word about the goods and services they provide. They can use social media campaigns, use traditional advertising methods and, as always, word of mouth advertising is a great way to let people know about you and your company. Given the vast ways to spread the word, it may not seem as if you really need marquee signs to let people know where you are and what you do. The problem is that outdoor business signs remain an important part of any marketing campaign. Here are some of the reasons having good outdoor LED business signs can help you grow your bottom line:

  1. They will improve your brand exposure. Most people in the United States have heard of the electronics store, Best Buy. They admit that a full 17% of their walk-in traffic goes into their stores because they see their iconic, bright, yellow sign. At least 35% of all consumers admit that they would not find a business they are looking for unless they saw the sign. Even when you are looking at people who are not looking for a particular product or service say they are moved by marquee signs and billboards. A full 71% of consumers say they read the messages that are written on large business signs and billboards. When you are looking to expand your brand awareness, a good outdoor LED display is one way to reach that goal.
  2. You can differentiate yourself from your competition. When you are building your brand, you are also looking to show off the differences between your business and the companies that are your competitors. When you have a custom LED sign outside of your business (or around town, you can help show the differences between your company and others that supply the same goods and services. Using the right messaging on your signs can really make a big difference in how people in the community view you and your business.
  3. Using marquee signs is a very cost-effective way to advertise your business. It has been estimated that the value of a good outdoor business sign is the same as a full-page ad placed in the newspaper 24 times in a year. In real terms, it may be worth more than that as fewer and fewer people actually get their news from the local paper. Your signage for businesses is out there, spreading the word about your business, a full 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. There is no other advertising that can be out there, doing its job so long and all year round.
  4. The sign can show off your brand personality. LED marquee signs can be changed up as needed. It is really easy to change electronic signs as often as you need to change them. This can do a lot to increase the value added prospects for your signs. It has been estimated that when you change up or replace a sign that is in a storefront, you can increase your revenue by at least 7.7%. That is not insignificant when it comes to improving your bottom line.

There are few things you can do to get the most from your signs:

  • Make them legible from a distance. If people cannot read your sign, it is totally useless to you. This means you need a clean font and simple message.
  • Use the right colors. They should contrast but not clash with each other. They should stand out but look good at the same time.
  • Be ready to change them as you need to. Your sign plan is never really complete.
  • Check out your sign at different times of the day. Your sign is up all day and night and needs to look good all of the time. Drive and walk by your sign at different times of the day and night to make sure it is doing the job you want it to do.

Having the right marquee signs for your business can really make a big difference in getting people in your door to buy the products or services you provide. They are a very cost-effective way to advertise your business.

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