Taking A Closer Look At Why Signage Of All Kinds Matters For Advertising Purposes In America

If you’re living anywhere in the United States, you couldn’t escape signs and advertisements if you tried. In fact, it’s even been estimated that the average person living here will see as many as 3,000 various promotional messages and advertising signage over the course of just one single day, a truly tremendous amount by any standards. And form vehicle advertising to supplemental promotional signs, there are many ways that companies all throughout the country look to improve brand awareness.

Billboards, for instance, are incredibly popular, as anyone that has ever driven on a highway can readily attest to. For the vast majority of us, billboards are seen at least once a week, if not multiple times throughout the day, as many of us commute on highways and other busy roadways to get to and from our places of work. Fortunately, however, billboards have been found to be quite effective, with more than 70% of all people who see them paying close attention to the advertisements that are displayed, many later frequenting such establishments as the ones that have been advertised.

Other types of supplemental promotional signs have also become commonplace, such as car decals, car stickers, and car wraps. Such supplemental promotional signs and advertising strategies tend to be quite effective, as a car driving on any given road is likely to see and be seen by a significant number of people. For many companies, vinyl lettering for vehicles and the like has proven to be a particularly strong use of supplemental promotional signs, especially when these cars in question frequently traverse busy and metropolitan areas, such as major cities throughout the country.

But aside from supplemental promotional signs out in the world, on site signage is just as important, if not even more so. While some people might think that the need for on site signage is dwindling thanks to the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, this actually could not be further from the truth. After all, the vast majority of people – as many as 94% of them – still make their purchases in brick and mortar store locations. Many people, it seems, simply feel most comfortable buying a product after they have been able to see it in person, instead of just trusting an online purchase and hoping for the best.

Such is the case that on site signage in any given brick and mortar store here in the United States is so powerful as to be able to be compared to taking out up to 24 full page advertisements in a newspaper over the course of just one single year. These supplemental promotional signs can come in all shapes and sizes as well, with even price tags considered to be a supplemental promotional sign of sorts, providing information that the customers need and want to know. Window decals are also very popular when it comes to the use of on site signage, as they can attract new customers, drawing them in and enticing them to come inside and take a better look.

In addition to this, even fully priced merchandise fared better when on site supplemental promotional signs were used. In one study, conducted at Brigham Young University, it was even found that the fully priced merchandise, when advertised with on site signage, sold up to 20% better than it otherwise would have. The results of this study were backed up by several similar studies that garnered a similar set of results in the recent years that have passed.

The quality of these supplemental promotional signs, however, must be quite high if the company is hoping to draw in new and lasting customers through the use of them. In fact, more than 80% of all consumers and potential customers very strongly believe that signs can accurately convey the overall character of a business. If they don’t like the personality of a sign, the vast majority of all people will simply assume that they will not like the personality of the business itself much either, and will likely choose to avoid that business in any and all of their future shopping endeavors.

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