Taking A Closer Look At The Impact Of Charitable Donations Here In The United States

Giving back to charity is something that many people care about here in the United States, so much so that the amount of charitable donations given actually makes up nearly 5% of the total collective income of people all throughout the country over the course of just one year. This means that up to 70% of the adult population – nearly three quarters of it – is giving back to charity in some way at least once over the course of the year, if not even more frequently than that.

But for many people, giving any kind of monetary amount to any given charitable organization is really not something that is a viable option, due to the fact that they are struggling financially themselves. After all, adult life comes with many expenses, ranging from those that are related to daily living to bigger ones, such as rent or mortgage payments as well as paying off any debts that might have been accrued in earlier years. But whatever the reason, many find that giving in the form of payments and checks is simply not an option.

However, there are other ways to give back, such as in the form of used clothing donations to various charity organizations in your area. Used clothing donations to charity organizations are likely to be hugely useful, especially when the charity organizations in question can directly repurpose these used clothes donations, giving them to the recipients who need them the most. And fortunately, there are a wide number of charity organizations here in the United States that do just that, meaning that you’ll likely be able to find one in your own neighborhood with a little bit of searching.

Charity organizations like wounded veterans charities are commonplace, for example, as it can be difficult for these wounded veterans in question to reintegrate into normal civilian life when they first get home, especially when they are first going through the healing and rehabilitation process. For many veterans and their families, the adjustment can be a hard one, and he help of charity organizations like these wounded veterans charities can make a huge difference.

Of course, wounded veterans charities are far from the only charity organizations around. The American Red Cross, for example, does hugely important work, providing everything from used clothing to food to shelter to blankets to even blood donations to those who are in need of some or all of the above. And as American Red Cross locations are open every single day of the year and every hour of the day, they are often charity organizations that are very much in need of as many donations as is possible.

But aside from giving back to the community, donating your used clothing to charity organizations is one way to give back to the environment as well. After all, more clothing is consumed now than ever before, as many as 68 garments per person over the course of just one single year. This means that the average person living in the United States now buys nearly double the amount of clothing that they would have purchased just a mere two decades ago, with the average woman in the United States owning about one whole outfit for every single day of the month.

Unfortunately, this level of consumption also leads to a huge amount of waste products. In fact, the average person – one single person alone – will throw away up to 70 pounds of textiles, including old clothing. This means that up to ten and a half million tons of clothing alone is sent to landfills around the country on a yearly basis, and this isn’t even factoring in other types of textiles that are also discarded.

However, taking steps to donate and recycle clothing, particularly to charity organizations, can really make a difference. With only around 15% of clothing being donated at the current date, a difference is actually already being made, and it’s one that can only be improved upon in the years that are to come as well, both here in the United States and beyond.

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