Street Sweeping Rental and Why You Should Consider It for Your Business

If you own a business, you should be interested in street sweeper rental. A street sweeper rental can clean and maintain the streets outside of your business, which is especially important if you live in an urban area with high traffic, and can also do parking lot sweeping. Here are some things to consider before you hire a street sweeper rental.

Why You Need Street Sweeping

All kinds of things can in the street can make your business look less attractive. Street sweepers can remove paper, leaves, trash, and any other debris that tends to collect in the gutters at the curb. It is also effective in removing pollutants that can collect on a city street and pose a hazard to both you and your potential customers. These include heavy metals and pesticides that gather from roads and highways; oil, grease and other chemicals from automobiles; and even viruses and bacteria from failing septic systems. The debris that collects in a street can also potentially block the storm drains. This could mean flooding during heavy rains, which not only drives away customers but also has the potential to damage your business.

What Your Street Sweeper Rental Should Have

  1. A knowledge of paving surfaces. Not all asphalt is the same. Your road may be quite different from the sidewalk and from your parking lot. You want parking lot cleaners and road sweepers who know the different types and grades of pavement. For example, many communities are now using more porous surfaces because they are more effective at mitigating the runoff from stormwater. A porous concrete or rubber surface will require a different cleaning plan then more traditional asphalt, and you want to make sure that your street sweeper service and their sweeper trucks are ideally suited for your needs.
  2. Your street sweeper rental needs the right equipment. Modern Street sweeper trucks have come a long way from the trucks that were first developed for street sweeping in the late 19th century. A modern truck has a sweeper mounted to it and also has the ability to vacuum up any debris in the street. When there is porous pavement, a vacuum sweeper is ideal. For asphalt and concrete parking lots and roadways, a mechanical sweeper can be ideal because of its maneuverability. A regenerative air sweeper uses the air to sweep and set of brushes. It also sprays water onto the surface which traps dust and particulates and makes it easier to clean up pollutants of all types.
  3. Your street sweeper rental should be flexible when unexpected problems arise. Experience is essential for any road sweeping services. Some pavement issues can change even in the middle of a job, or your street sweeper may run across an item of debris or other issue that requires quick thinking or a change of strategy. Look for a street sweeper rental company with plenty of experience in your community.
  4. Consider the company’s reputation. If you are hiring a reputable cleaning service, you should be able to contact previous clients who have been satisfied with their service. Another sign that you have chosen a good street sweeping company is that they will ask you the right questions. They should be asking you what type of debris there is and how much there is to clean. They will also want to ask you how often the streets are currently cleaned. Finally, they should go to lengths to specify all the conditions surrounding the street sweeping. For example, is this a community area, a parking lot, a warehouse, or a construction project? Also be sure to ask your street sweeping rental about their safety standards and licensure.

Having clean streets outside your business not only keeps your business safe from damage, but it protects your customers as well. It also protects our environment, makes transportation in the area safer, and encourages people to visit your neat and tidy business. Look into parking lot cleaning services and street sweeping services in your area to find out just what options are available.

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