Soundproof Your Office for Maximum Productivity!

Do you wish you could have more quiet in your workspace? Is ambient noise from the office causing a drop in your productivity? Perhaps you should consider the benefits of having a soundproof phone booth for offices.

What are some benefits of a soundproof phone booth for offices?

A soundproof office booth can help boost worker attentiveness by around 48%, moreover this can help lower errors made in work material by about 10%. Without the ambient noise from the office, people can be more focused on their projects, and likewise when on calls with clients there is no worry of background noise filtering in and interrupting the conversation. Companies in the United States regularly lose up to $62 billion each year, reportedly due to poor customer service. Having a soundproof booth would make it easier to dedicate a workers full attention to customer matters; whether it be working on a project for a customer, or conversing with them on the phone. This added ease in concentration not only benefits employees, the a business’s bottom line.

How to Soundproof an Office Room

Adding a soundproof phone booth for offices can be done in a few easy steps. It can be done by you, or done professionally by a contractor. If you want to know how to do it for yourself, here are a few steps to take.

  • For noise absorption begin with any windows that might be in the room. If they are not sufficient at blocking sound, consider adding another pane of glass. This added density will prevent more sound from filtering though. Additionally you can cover the windows with sound absorbing drapes.
  • Covering the walls and ceiling with acoustic panels, usually made of dense foam, will do wonders for blocking out and locking in noise. These can be used on any surface, and can be nearly impenetrable to soundwaves.
  • Due to the fact that sound waves bounce off of ceilings the most, it is important to pay close attention to this area. Assure there are no cracks or ways sound could penetrate when you are layering any acoustic panels.
  • Additionally, sound-engineered drywall is an alternative option. This can either be used during construction, or placed over existing walls, ceilings, and even floors. This type of walling absorbs sound waves, as opposed to conducting them, thus making it a good choice for those who want a little more style than foam linings.

Soundproofing an office is a good idea for improving productivity and concentration. It can also mean better interactions during client phone calls, or even private meetings. When you are not constantly bombarded by the sounds of the printer malfunctioning, and your co-workers chatting, you are awarded a slightly less stressful environment. Your mind will have the peace and quiet it needs to focus on your tasks without the constant interruptions. If you are looking to boost productivity in your business, soundproofing might just be the answer you’re looking for.

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