Seven Reasons to Choose Oval Duct Work

One of the most important considerations for your HVAC system is the ductwork. This is because ductwork is notoriously leaky, and in a typical house up to 30% of the air that goes into the duct system can be lost because of holes, leaks, or poor connections between the ductwork.

Advances in Ductwork

Since ductwork is part of the heating and cooling systems of about 90% of America’s homes, improving the efficiency of the ductwork is important. Everyone who has ductwork or is soon to have ductwork installed should consider the benefits of oval ducts.

The Benefits of Oval Ducts

Here are seven reasons why you should consider spiral ducting over the traditional rectangular ducts.

  1. Oval duct work has better seals. One of the biggest problems with duct is leakage is poor seals around the joints. This leakage means that HVAC systems run inefficiently and leads to enormous amounts of energy loss. Rounded oval ductwork has a much better seal than other designs, which can often require special reinforced joints which still don’t work all that well.
  2. Air pressure is more consistent in spiral duct fittings. Because of the shape and the lack of leaks, the air pressure within a spiral duct system is much more consistent. This keeps the air flowing evenly which is good for ventilation.
  3. Oval duct services cost less to use. One of the great benefits of oval duct installation is the financial savings involved in using this particular ductwork system. In fact, considering everything from parts to labor, packaging to waste disposal, putting in oval ductwork can cost as much as half the price of regular rectangular ducts.
  4. Oval duct fittings are easier and cheaper to clean. Another of the benefits of oval ducts is that they are much easier to clean than rectangular ducts. The shape and design are easier to work with so there are more approved cleaning methods available to choose from.
  5. Oval ductwork makes your HVAC system quieter. If you’re disturbed by the sound of a loud HVAC system, oval ductwork could be the answer for you. Because there is less leakage due to the consistent air pressure throughout the system, everything will run more quietly.
  6. Your oval ductwork system will take up less space. Because rectangular ductwork is inefficient and hard to seal, you need a lot of extra space for connectors, seals, and reinforced joints. Because none of this is necessary with oval ductwork, it’s possible to install the same volume system with three inches less space all around. This means it’s cheaper to install, easier to maintain, and easier to cover up if you don’t want your ductwork hanging out for everyone to see.
  7. Spiral oval ducts look better. But what if you do want your ductwork to remain uncovered? This is a valid aesthetic design choice these days. Oval ductwork is going to look a lot nicer in this application than traditional rectangular ductwork.

There are a lot of reasons to choose a spiral duct product and the benefits of oval ducts over a more traditional rectangular design. If you combine a well-designed oval duct system with the newest efficient furnaces, you’re looking at an enormous savings on energy costs going forward. Why not look into oval duct services in your area and find out what advantages there could be for your home in spiral ducts.

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