Red Flags at Dentists Offices

Red Flags at Dentists Offices

If you’ve been to more than one dentist, you’ll know that not every dentist is a good one. As the video “Dentist Office RED FLAGS” points out, some dentists offices are all about the money; others cut corners in care. In dental offices, there are some common issues or “red flags” you might notice in dentists’ offices that should send you on a mission to find a new provider.

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An easy red flag to spot is if the dentist doesn’t have a hygienist. With a small budget, newer dentists may not have budgets for extra staff. Still, when a dentist performs dental work and cleaning, this should give you pause. Similarly, a dentist who doesn’t do periodontal charting is probably not the one you want to care for your teeth and gums. In short, you’ll want to find a new dental office if picking up fast food after the appointment takes longer than your cleaning.

Other red flags include x-ray frequency based on your insurance coverage and substandard sanitization practices. Infection control and safety are the number one concerns for dental patients. In short, don’t settle for anything less than a sanitary, detail-oriented dental office experience.

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