Reasons to Soundproof an Office Room

Reasons to Soundproof an Office Room

When thinking about sound proofing an office room, you may ask yourself why would you want to. What are the pros and cons? Is it worth the cost? Who will benefit from the soundproofing mechanisms? If you have ever done work in a busy, loud atmosphere, you can answer these questions easily. If you have ever had to concentrate while there are obvious distractions going on, then the question of whether or not you should sound proof is a no brainer. Working in a quiet environment increases employees concentration by up to 48%. Not surprisingly, a calm, quiet environment has more pros than cons for its workers. In fact, soundproofing an office room lowers errors by around 10%. This is not a surprise at all, as soundproofing has the ability to reduce employee stress by 27%. Not surprisingly though, 73% of the U.S.’s workforce, just about 100 million people, are ‘knowledge workers’ who work primarily in open office environments. These people are constantly berated with noise pollution from other others and the outside world. Have you ever been on the phone with an operator and heard a bunch of other people speaking in the background? Companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service. In addition to sound proofing office rooms, consider soundproofing hotel rooms. Unwanted, excessive noise is the #1 complaint of hotel guests and hotel guests rate the hotel 32% higher when they have no noise complaints.

How to Soundproof an Office Room

There are a couple ways how to sound proof an office room. You can build a phone booth that allows employees to get away from the noise for a moment or two. This office phone booth serves as a quiet place for workers to make calls and have a few minutes to recoup during a hectic work day. You can find a private phone booth for office spaces easily. The soundproof booth can serve a variety of purposes and benefit the office space.

What is Soundproof paint?

When deciding how to soundproof an office room, consider using soundproof paint. The soundproof paint market is booming – an estimated $200 million in sales each year and anticipated to grow at 30-50% per year. The paint is simply regular paint that has been altered to be soundproof. It is the easiest, most cost effective solution to sound proofing any room.

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