Reasons Its Important To Shred Your Papers

In the United States, all individuals receive documents. We get bills, letters, receipts of online purchases, and many more. These all tend to pile up and transform into a mountain of papers and envelopes- whether it’s in your home, at your business, or in your office at work. As the pile grows larger and larger, one thing is for certain… You need to get rid of your papers. However, throwing away all your papers is not safe, although 30% of people do not shred their documents before throwing them out. This is dangerous because most documents and papers we get contain sensitive information. In fact, 24% of individuals found out that they were victims of identity fraud because they accidentally gave away sensitive information. So, how can we throw out our documents safely? By using a commercial paper shredder. These are some reasons why it’s important to use a commercial paper shredder to rid yourself of all your papers.

First, it’s important to note that there are many different kinds of paper shredders you can purchase for use. Each of them have certain benefits as well. A commercial paper shredder is ideal for large offices. These shredders are heavy duty and they can shred many documents of large volume. Because of this, a commercial paper shredder is considered a high capacity paper shredder. Additionally, they are secure for businesses and will protect all consumers. Another type of paper shredder is a high security paper shredder. A high security paper shredder is government approved and can be used in small or large offices. Most importantly, paper shredders are classified or categorized by level of security. Shredders have six levels, 1-6, to be exact. Level 6 shredding is the most secure type of shredder. A level 6 paper shredder can shred the smallest document. It is also known as a top secret shredder or a confidential shredder. A level 6 paper shredder is most popular with the government and the military.

Obeying The Law

The first reason you should use a commercial paper shredder to get rid of documents is because you’ll obey the law. As United States citizens it is our right to protect ourselves and our personal information. However, with protection comes laws. There are laws that reprimand people for incorrect disposal of papers. These papers are ones that contain sensitive or personal information. This typically applies to businesses and companies. If businesses and companies do not rid their organizations of papers properly, they are essentially putting their employees at risk. When businesses and companies use a commercial paper shredder, they are protecting their employees from possible identity theft, and also following the laws we have in The United States. Follow the law and use a commercial paper shredder to get rid of your documents.

Helps The Environment

Secure paper shredding is beneficial for the environment. It’s no secret that paper is made from trees. Many trees are destroyed in order to make all the paper we use on a daily basis. Not only that, but the animals that use trees as their homes, need to find new ones or they sadly die. However, when we shred paper, these bits can be recycled and reused. Shredding paper preserves the forests, and saves animals that we can potentially destroy through making paper. If you want to help the environment, shred your documents so the paper can be reused!

Identity Theft Protection

This is the most important reason to shred your papers with a commercial paper shredder. Identity theft cases occur every single day. Many of these cases are accidental and devastating. There are many threats such as when you order items online and receive a delivery, have documents with your name and information on it, etc. If packages, and documents aren’t disposed of properly, someone can easily find your information and steal your identity. When you shred your documents, they are unrecognizable. All sensitive and personal information are destroyed, so your identity cannot be taken.

Great For Eliminating Clutter

As mentioned before, your documents and papers can pile up. They can turn into a mountain of clutter! When you shred your documents, you are getting rid of the clutter you’ve created, and creating new space!

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