Pricing House Cleaning Services

Pricing House Cleaning Services

Pricing your cleaning service depends on various factors that. Things like location, demand for your services, and what type of cleaning service is provided are all things to take into consideration when coming up with your pricing strategy. Watch this video for a detailed breakdown about what you should consider when pricing your cleaning service.

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when pricing your service is what exactly you are going to provide. If you are providing full house cleaning service meaning you are able to clean every inch and crevice of the house, then you should obviously price the service to account for the time and materials spent on cleaning the entire house. This kind of cleaning service should be on the more expensive end of the spectrum as customers won’t need it as often as a routine cleaning.

The demand for your services is another major thing to keep in mind. If you live in an area filled with small, easy to clean houses then you should probably price your services a bit lower. You are less likely to attract business if you have high prices in an area that doesn’t have a heavy demand for cleaning services. It’s important for you to keep this kind of thing in mind when deciding on your pricing.

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