Preventing the Worst How to Hurricane-Proof Your House

Natural stone slabs for sale

Numerous hurricanes have ripped through parts the country over the past few weeks. The outcomes have been devastating with many deaths and destruction that some fear won’t be able to be fixed.

While many homeowners did everything they could to prepare themselves for the storms, certain preparations didn’t necessarily help. Affected residents used wood planks to board up their windows and doors, stocked up on water, and made sure they had enough gas for their vehicles.

Some people were able to fully protect their homes, but that is not only due to what they used to board up the home. Ultimately, what their house is made of helped the home to stay intact. Those who had homes made of concrete or stone had a better chance of making it through the storm in one piece versus those whose homes were made of wood.

Stone vs. Wood

Not only does stone add value to your home over wood, it protects your home from dangerous storms. It can withstand anything over a long period of time. Builders tend to choose architectural stone because it is fireproof. For those living in an area where hurricanes or tropical storms occur, natural stone slabs could be extremely beneficial to build with.

Wood, on the other hand, helps you stay warm. It’s a natural insulator, so you’ll always feel cozy in a wood home during the colder months. Wood absorbs any humidity there may be, which could be helpful for those living in a tropical area. It’s also more flexible than brick, so it’s easier to work with.

If you live in a tropical area and want to protect your home with the use of stone slabs, there are a few things you should know.

Creating a Stone Home

If you are in the market to build a stone home, contacting a contractor and a builder should be the first thing you do. If you wanted to build the home yourself, visit a local home improvement shop and see if they have any natural stone for sale. If they have the stone for sale, pick up a number of natural stone slabs you may need and get to work!

Natural Stone Slabs or Engineered Stone Slabs?

When you are buying stone, you will be posed with a decision to make between natural stone slabs and engineered stone. Both natural stone slabs and engineered stone slabs are scratch, stain, and chip resistant. This is good because it makes them more sanitary than other surfaces. The main difference between the two is that engineered stone samples may be different from what you get due to tone differences. Since engineered stone comes from natural stone slabs, the two are otherwise extremely similar.

Keeping yourself safe from a hurricane or any other tropical storm can be hard. When buying a home, or building one, make sure that it is made of stones. This may be your easy solution to being protected.

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