“Plan, Provide and Train” for Your Workplace

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A safe workplace is a healthy and productive workplace. Falls in the workplace present a challenge to workers’ well-beings, and by extension, the well-being of the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a three-step plan for fall prevention: Plan, Provide and Train.

Safety plans play an important role in a the overall development of a workplace.

Fall protection is a necessary component of any OSHA-compliant workplace. Federal OSHA fall protection regulations stipulate that fall protection must be provided at elevations of four, five, six and eight feet for general industry workplaces, shipyards, construction workplaces and longshoring operations respectively.

Fall protection is just one aspect of a comprehensive safety plan for your workplace. To make sure you’re taking all factors of your workplace into account, consider a consultation with Certex. These consultations can include matters about fall protection, rescue plans and hazard analysis.


In order to take the next step to ensure the safety of your workplace, you will need the necessary fall protection equipment.

Fall protection equipment includes arrest systems, round slings, rope and lifting chains. Fall arrest systems generally come in two forms: general fall arrest (nests, for example) and personal fall arrest (lifelines, for another example). Safety nets can reduce the fall exposure in workplaces without temporary floors or scaffolds and fall distance is over 25 feet. Without fall arrest systems, a person could fall up to seven feet in two-thirds of a second. There are seemingly endless types of slings: single, two, three or four leg. Slings, depending on the severity of use, will need to be checked yearly or quarterly.

You can obtain a variety of fall protection equipment from Certex.


Fall protection competent person training
is the final step of OSHA’s fall prevention plan. If your workplace has a safety plan that includes fall protection, you’ll need to have workers who are properly educated about its ins and outs.

Certex offers a hands-on fall protection training program designed to produce safer, more profitable workplaces. The courses offered are customizable to your workplace, and can even take place on site.

Fall protection is a vital component of a safe, productive and healthy workplace.

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