Modular In-plant Offices Are Incredible Office Space Solution

A modular in-plant office is a prefabricated room designed to be installed in virtually any manufacturing facility or industrial space to create an isolated and controlled workspace away from potential dangers in the factory. Usually, a modular office can be installed and ready to use in a matter of days, as a standalone structure or incorporated into a preexisting building on the walls.

Attractive and highly customized, modular offices are used to create ideal workspace within the facility’s operations and also take advantage of the unused warehouse or factory space that you pay for in terms of rent. They are durable, highly flexible, and versatile for a wide range of applications such as restrooms, inspection rooms, laser rooms, equipment rooms, laboratories, and break rooms.

If you’re considering installing a modular in-plant office in your facility, here are some more benefits to help you make an informed decision.

1. Quick Installation
Unlike conventional construction methods, prefabricated office spaces can be quickly and efficiently installed with minimum interruptions and downtime possible. In most cases, it takes about a month, from start to finish, for a modular in-plant office to be complete. For a full-time operation, this efficiency reduces losses and maximizes savings.

2. Controlled Workspace for Increased Employee Productivity
Noise is a common thing in industrial settings and sometimes it becomes hard to work in such an environment. For the sake of noise reduction or simple isolation, a modular office can help shield employees from occupational noise and ensure their comfort.
Other factors such as temperature, light, and humidity can be easily controlled in a modular in-plant office while shielding against severe weather conditions.

3. Improve Communication and Productivity
In some applications and facilities, workers need to be in the middle of everything, closer to production activities to ensure maximum collaboration and teamwork. Most companies are adopting the use of modular rooms to accommodate employees within the facility.

4. Cost-Efficient than Traditional Construction Methods
Modular in-plant offices relatively cost less because of the eliminated cost of maintenance and renovations often associated with conventional offices. In addition, the cost of construction is often fixed, determined before work begins, and no cost surprises can be expected during the installation process, something which is common with conventionally built structures. Under tax laws, modular buildings are considered equipment, hence companies get to enjoy capital savings.

5. Highly Customized and Flexible
Modular construction can be used in almost any industrial application for a range of uses. Perhaps you’re looking to convert unused factory space to something functional like an office, expand and existing office, renovate an old office or reconfigure your settings.

6. Enhance Workplace Efficiency
The idea behind modular offices is to bring employees, survivors, and managers closer together to ensure increased collaboration for project success. As a supervisor, you can easily monitor employees, process, provide immediate feedback, and solve issues as soon as they arise, thereby creating a positive working environment for employees to thrive.

As mentioned above, modular offices are available in a variety of customizable options from interior floor coverings and exterior siding to additional features such as aluminum wall panels, cabinets, lighting, HVAC and fire mitigation systems. For exterior siding, you have options such as steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood or stucco. However, finding the right manufacturer or installer can mean a huge difference in your modular office. First, a reliable installer will conduct comprehensive quantity control inspections before and after construction to ensure proper installation. The company should also have CSA International approval to ensure safety or performance.

Generally speaking, you are looking for a company that meets your needs in terms of quality, cost, and experience. This involves everyone and everything from professional staff and qualified engineers to price transparency.

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