Managed Printing What is it and How can it Help Your Business

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Have you ever wondered what managed printing is, and whether it can actually benefit your business? Running and managing a company takes a lot of time, resources and skills and often times we find ourselves wondering if a certain job is something we should do or something we should leave to the professionals. Managed printing services is one of those services that professionals can handle to benefit the company.

Printers are a normal part of every business, and printing documents and files is the normal flow for almost any business, but that doesn’t mean that printing shouldn’t be managed. In fact printer and copier costs rank third highest for bills paid by offices following payroll and rent. Each individual office worker in the U.S. uses roughly 10,000 sheets of paper per year, contributing to this cost, but considers about 17% of all these documents to be considered waste. So how do you manage printing in your office, cut costs and save time and money? Read on to see how managed printing can help.

strong> Control Cost

Managed print solutions help companies control cost withing your company in a variety of ways. First off, managed printing helps by analyzing all printers. This helps figure out who is printing what and how much this is costing the facility. Individuals with personal printers can be costing the company needless money. Managed print services can help provide all personnel with secure printing while saving the company money.

Secure Data

Typically employees insist on personal computers for a matter of security. In high security offices confidential information must be protected and an electronic document management system provided with managed printing can help with this. Keeping confidentiality while securely printing documents and pages helps productivity, keeps confidential information confidential and controls cost. ‘

Remote Printing

Sometimes work must be taken home and finished or continued to be worked on. Managed printing allows employees to print from remote locations directly to the printer. This allows employees on the go to be connected to the office at all times.


Many companies have a budget and sometimes there is little wiggle room in that budget. Utilizing managed printing services allows you to budget appropriately depending on your business needs. This eliminates monthly surprises for printing services and allows a set amount that you can expect each month.

Streamline Work

Deciding on the proper placement of printers can be a chore for any company. Security measures must be in place while still allowing access to multiple employees. With managed printing you can eliminate this chore. We help determine the best placement for printers to streamline work capabilities of all employees. We manage the printers and supplies and ensure security to take this burden off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on more important business matters.

Choosing managed print services for your company may seem like an expense right now, but later down the road this expense will result in money saved for the company that can be invested elsewhere. Knowing where your money is going helps the company and eliminating waste benefits the environment as well as shredding costs. Consider using these services for your company, no matter how big or small, to see the savings stack up.

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