Make Sure These Companies Are on Speed Dial When You Own a Business

Make Sure These Companies Are on Speed Dial When You Own a Business

According to Small Business Trends, 65% of small businesses founded in the US are profitable. With such an immense landscape ahead of them, many entrepreneurs are eager to see the same level of success. But, in order to see high levels of productivity, workers must have adequate space to complete their daily tasks. Therefore, if you’re eager to become a business office pro, this article will discuss everything you need to know about how to create a suitable working environment.

10 Businesses That Can Help You Build the Perfect Office

1. Pest Control Company

You may have just leased the ideal work environment for your employees, only to find out that it’s overrun by pesky rodents. When a building becomes damaged over time, it can present a collection of small cracks and gaps in its foundation. This gives creatures such as rats, mice, and cockroaches an easy way to enter your office. Although these animals are relatively harmless, they do have the potential to scare your workers and possibly transmit a selection of harmful diseases. The best way to eliminate these critters is to recruit a range of commercial pest control services. These experts are trained to use a selection of effective techniques to help you get rid of these pests for good. Therefore, your employees can continue to complete their best work without having to worry about being tormented by a range of rodents. Business owners can also hire exterminators on a yearly basis for around $350, which is ideal for those who want to follow a regular maintenance schedule for their office.

2. Remodeling Company

Sometimes an office has a lot of potential, but still needs a little bit of TLC to give it a new lease on life. Perhaps you have a lot of space to work with, but the layout is not appropriate, or maybe you would like to add a selection of relaxation areas for your team to enjoy. Regardless of your demands, if you’re looking to bring these interior design dreams to life, get in touch with a commercial remodeling service. During this process, a team of experienced contractors will help to reassemble your space, adding a selection of new walls and sections that will make you seem like a business office pro. Plus, this is also a useful service for business owners who are looking to add multiple floors to their office. These additional layers can be used for separate departments, so each team can collaborate more effectively. The price of these services differs from space to space but, on average, it costs $15-$60 per square foot. This may seem extortionate to some businesses, but it’s an effective investment for owners who are eager to give their workers a suitable place to achieve their professional goals.

3. Roof Company

Roofs are an imperative part of any building, and if they suffer any form of destruction, it can seriously affect the rest of the structure. Commercial roofing services are a pivotal resource for any type of business office pro as they can help assess the overall performance of your roof and work to remedy any of its issues. Therefore, if you notice a collection of watermarks, damp spots, and leaks occurring throughout your office, it’s a keen sign that your roof needs replacing. A new roof is quite a costly investment, with the average US homeowner paying $9,117 for the service. Yet, they are associated with an abundance of lucrative benefits. Since broken roofs tend to allow hot air to escape, they commonly cause business owners to crank up their heating. Therefore, by constructing a new roof, you can better insulate your building and reduce your energy bill as a result. Plus, if you spot mold forming on your roof, you should contact an expert right away. Since mold can lead to a series of harmful respiratory viruses and cognitive issues, a new roof can also protect your staff from a multitude of health problems.

4. Garage Door Company

Data suggests that 50% of new small businesses start from home, meaning that entrepreneurs might have to spruce up their properties if they want to see profitable results. Some entrepreneurs take their first steps into the world of commerce from the comfort of their own garages, which may not actually be the best place to work. If your garage is teeming with rot and old belongings, it’s vital that you work with the right services to help you create the perfect working environment. A range of commercial garage door businesses can supply you with a new and improved set of doors, which can offer you a better sense of privacy and security. If you’re looking to really upgrade your space, try installing some electric roller garage doors. These can be controlled via a small remote control, allowing you to open and close your garage whenever you please. Repairing a garage door is very affordable, costing a minimum of $147. Thus, this is a great option for business owners who are looking to be more productive and successful while working from home.

5. Cleaning Company

No one likes working in a dirty space, and if you’re looking to embody a business office pro, it’s vital that you keep the place spotless. Even a few simple touches like spraying an air freshener every once in a while or placing hand sanitizer stations throughout the building can really help to make your office more hygienic and polished. However, as you continue to work on a number of important projects, a lot of these tasks can get pushed to the sidelines. As such, you may benefit from hiring a commercial cleaning service to help you keep on top of these tasks. These cleaners are trained to handle a lot of different jobs, from cleaning the floors to scrubbing the windows. Not to mention, commercial cleaners are better equipped to handle more sensitive tasks, like cleaning toilets and emptying sanitary bins. Therefore, these cleaners are a vital asset to business owners who are looking to protect their staff from unwanted germs and infections. Some commercial cleaning services charge based on the size of the office, whereas others charge an hourly rate. In turn, it’s important that you select a service that adheres to the needs of your office and budget.

6. Electrical Company

Electricity powers everything that we do, and it’s also an imperative resource for office workers. If your office doesn’t have electricity, your employees can’t use the Wi-Fi or even make themselves a cup of coffee in the morning. This has the potential to decrease productivity levels but can cause morale to plummet. A poor electrical system can also put your staff at risk of shocks, burns, and blackouts, which could cause them to be hospitalized. Therefore, if you’re starting to notice frequent power cuts throughout your office, you should reach out to a selection of commercial electricians as soon as possible. These experts usually begin by assessing the quality of your office’s wiring system and will then begin to fix any issues that stand out to them. A standard electrician costs anywhere from $75 to $200, but this price can vary based on the location of your office and if the contractor is expected to work very long hours. If this cost is too much for your business, there are a multitude of things you can do to help preserve your electrical system, like using less power and keeping key appliances away from water.

7. Insurance Company

Businesses depend on insurance to protect them during unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, theft, and fire damage. For example, office insurance works to protect the contents of your respective building, ensuring that you are protected if the worst is ever to happen. Though these policies can be quite expensive, they are usually mandatory, so it’s important that business owners search for the best price possible. If you’re looking for a helping hand in this task, consider hiring a selection of commercial insurance agents. These agents collate a selection of useful policies and help businesses select one that best suits them. Thus, this service is very useful for companies who need a wide range of insurance policies but aren’t willing to waste valuable time and energy searching for them. According to Insurance Business Magazine, the cost of Small Business Insurance can vary greatly from $20 all the way up to $140 per month. As a result, it’s vital that businesses choose a policy that suits their needs and assets, rather than just settling for the cheapest option available.

8. Window Company

There’s nothing worse than being stuck at work and being forced to stare at the same four walls. For those looking to become a business office pro, consider installing a series of commercial windows in your building. Not only will this provide your staff with some spectacular views, it’ll also allow them to revel in a collection of natural light sources. A bit of sunshine does more than brighten up your day, it can also boost your immune system tenfold. The sun emits a substance known as vitamin D, which works to strengthen key elements of your immune system, meaning that your staff are less likely to take time off work due to common colds and illnesses. A traditional commercial window service costs on average $20-$25 per square foot, but many contractors don’t include labor costs in this price. So, a new set of windows could help to brighten up your office and potentially reduce the number of absentees in your workforce.

9. Generator Company

If you live in an area that is prone to power cuts and harsh storms, you’re well aware of how important generators can be. So, it’s vital that you also install these life-saving machines in your office. Contrary to popular belief, generators don’t directly produce electrical currents. Instead, they transform chemical energy sources into electrical energy, which can then be used to power a wealth of imperative devices. These machines tend to cost $300-$450 per kW, which can be quite expensive for smaller businesses. Plus, generators require a lot of maintenance, like cleaning out the filters and monitoring their functions regularly. Despite all the hard work associated with commercial generators, they can be a useful way to maintain your productivity levels, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

10. Gate System Company

Every employee deserves to feel safe and secure at work, but if their office is insecure, it can cause them to feel high levels of anxiety and stress. As such, this can lead to some employees taking extended time off work or just quitting altogether. Therefore, if you’re eager to become a business office pro, consider implementing a series of automatic gate systems. These structures help to control access to a certain location and can be an effective way to keep intruders away from your workplace. This is especially important for factory workers and government employees, who may have to keep some of their roles confidential. Thus, both you and your staff can rest assured that you can get on with your daily tasks without being at risk of an intrusion or threat. Automatic gate systems are very large pieces of kit and can range between $400-$5000. Then, you must factor in installation costs, which, according to All Security Equipment, can cost $1,500-$3,000. Despite these high costs, these gates are a fantastic way to protect your staff and give your building an ultra-modern twist.

There’s no denying that becoming a business office pro can cost a lot of money, but these assets can also offer your company the chance to thrive in its respective market. All of these services listed in this article have the potential to support your business, giving your staff the chance to achieve their goals in a much more positive and cohesive environment. Therefore, if you’re looking to provide your workers with everything they would need to succeed, consider using the advice described in this piece.

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