Maintain the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with the Appropriate Packaging

Blister pack packaging

When you are engaged in clinical trials project management, you need to ensure that your comparator product is properly labeled for storage and administration purposes. You are aware that the pharmaceutical drugs that you will be using for your clinical trials’ comparator sourcing need to be contained in easily identifiable and accessible packaging.

Drug sourcing may be becoming more complicated given the number of ongoing clinical trials; however, pharmaceutical blister packaging is an effective way to contain both individual and multiple drug dosages. There are a variety of packaging types available, and these can also be custom-made to your specifications.

In addition to being more durable, blister packaging is also easier to open. This is due to the foil that can easily be peeled away from single dose packets.

Given the need to maintain awareness of the pharmaceutical supply chain, the lot number and expiration date can be printed on the packages. This is, of course, beneficial for quality control purposes. Furthermore, pharmaceutical serialization can also be provided on the packages and/or containers.

Other packaging solutions include printing bar codes to aid with identifying, tracking, and tracing individual products or product lines. The importance of pharmaceutical track and trace is, of course, crucial during a clinical trial.

When considering other pharmaceutical and medical packaging options, cartoning is also a popular choice. In addition to having accurate product labeling, these cartons can also contain instructions and detailed product information. This can also make it more convenient when it’s important to determine potential side-effects and warnings.

Clinical trials and drug sourcing make it possible for new drugs and treatment protocols to be developed, thus providing millions of individuals with the treatment they need. When visiting a doctor, medical clinic, or hospital, 75.1% of individuals seeking treatment will receive some type of drug. In the past month alone, 48.5% of people in the United States have taken a minimum of one type of prescription drug.

Pharmaceutical packaging companies have an important role to play within the clinical trial arena. One of these is to ensure that the best medical packaging techniques are being used and that these comply with the Drug Quality and Security Act.

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