Looking for a Much Needed Rest

Looking for a Much Needed Rest

Many of the collective voices are sending the same message: unsustainable, unmanageable, unworkable.

While one day a month of extra plan time for teachers in the district is a blessing, it is little more than a bandaid on a gaping wound.
Too little, too late.

What teachers need is a clear vision of where they are heading and what the spring expectations will bring. They need consideration to be given to everything they are being asked to juggle. They need someone, anyone, to have the courage to start removing requirements for assessing content they have not been able to fully cover, for teaching enrichment when we cannot fully reach our struggling learners, and for preparing for state assessments that are weighing on every educator who is in the classroom. They need a light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

You would have to be living under a rock to not know teachers today are facing unprecedented challenges. And while they are not the only people who have had to completely shift the way they approach their job, they are doing so while working with 25 to 125 learners daily. Sometimes in person, sometimes online, sometime a combination of the two, the rest of the nation Is depending on the next generation still getting the education they need.

What Have You Accomplished During These Pandemic Months?

Whether you are a classroom teacher, an office manager for a small company, or a nurse in a large hospital, you have likely had to make some significant changes to the way you do your job. In many cases, there are some people whose salaries have been covered by Payment Protection Program loans who are not really able to do any part of their normal jobs. In some of these cases, then, business owners and supervisors are rethinking the tasks they assign. For example, in business offices that are closed for the most part, a manager may be asking individual workers to come in one at a time to take care of such mundane tasks as using secure paper shredders, clean offices, file papers, or make back ups of client documentation. All of these tasks, of course, would have been parr of the normal kind of work day, but now they are pushed to the front of the list of work that can be taken care of while offices are at far less than capacity.

Just as some restaurants who have had the luxury of adequate funding and resources have been remodeling and installing creative outdoor seating options, there are also many offices that are using this time to finally move old papers to a digital format and then hire companies that provide high capacity shredders to safely destroy these no longer needed documents.

In a time when privacy issues are paramount, it should come as no surprise that executives from 300 companies ranked the security of company records as one of the top five critical issues facing business. And while today we often think of digital data as being it risk, it is important to realize that there are also many places that still rely on paper documents as well. For these companies the use of industrial shredder machines is common. Monthly appointments with a company that can drive a truck with high capacity shredders to a job site are common. In fact, scheduled on a regular basis, these high capacity shredders not only securely destroy papers, but also free up the office staff for other less mundane tasks.

As many as 40% of consumers claim that they would stop doing business with a company or brand if that business previously suffered a breach in security. For this reason alone it is important to make sure that your business is following all of the necessary protocols to protect information of clients, customers, and patients. With the use of high capacity shredders, however, this job is much easier.

It is important to note that nearly 30% of consumers fail to shred documents containing sensitive information before throwing them out. Just as parents are likely having to be more involved in the education of their children during the pandemic, this situation that is requiring more people to spend more time at home means that paper shredding is a worthwhile task.

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