Life of Luxury What’s It Like to Charter a Jet

If you’ve ever flown in an airplane, you know what it can be like. Screaming babies, not enough leg room, poor service and an overall uncomfortable experience, and that’s not even to mention the long waits, constant delays and cancellations, and other negative aspects of a trip that often come from a airline company. From seatmates who overshare to those who have a few too many mini bottles of liquor, we know that long cross country flights aren’t always the most fun experience. Heck, even a one or two hour flight would be terrible under certain conditions. But there’s another option.

We’ve all dreamt about being able to afford a private plane charter, but few of us have ever been able to achieve that specific life goal. If you’re like me, you’ve wondered what those flights are like. Having flown in airplanes many times throughout my life, I haven’t had the pleasure of taking a chartered flight, though it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. The only problem? It’s just a little bit expensive. For those who can afford it, though, it sounds like it may be worth the hefty price tag.

The process of getting a private plane charter begins with contacting a private jet charter company. Ideally, you will get in touch with several different companies. From there, you can get charter quotes to compare and contrast to find out the best option for you. You’ll be able to choose from different sizes and packages for your flight, making it easy to customize your plans depending on your group size and needs. You’ll likely even be able to decide what airport you’d like to arrive at, small or large! Private airports have many benefits, so having access to one of those can make your travel plans much more convenient and stress free.

Once you’ve booked your flight, all that’s left for you and your fellow travellers (provided you aren’t flying alone) to do is get ready for your trip! Whether it’s for business or pleasure, a chartered flight cuts down on the hassle of dealing with airline companies and way too many other passengers packed in like sardines.

In addition to the increased level of comfort, one of the best benefits you get when you charter a jet is cutting time off your journey! Though private planes aren’t any faster than most jets, the route of a private plane charter is often more direct, cutting down on the distance flown and giving you more time to do what you’d rather be doing!

Once you and your friends or family have gotten on the plane, you get to experience the real luxury of flying in style. With huge, cushy seats and plenty of room to stretch, the experience can’t even be compared to a normal commercial flight. Plus, you’ll have the plane staff’s full attention, meaning no more waiting half an hour or more for that shot to calm your nerves!

If you aren’t sold yet, don’t worry. There are some other ridiculous benefits of flying private. Most rules and regulations when it comes to what you can bring on the plane are non-existent, meaning no limit on how much luggage you can bring or what you can bring on it, so long as it’s legal. If you talk to your charter company ahead of time, you can request specific food and drink be served on the flight, which almost every company will likely comply with, within reason of course. Entertainment, such as movies, can be requested, but must be done so ahead of time. In addition, other time fillers like card tables, music or even live entertainment can be arranged for on a flight.

So what do you think? Does a private plane charter sound like a dream? Do you ever see yourself spending exorbitant amounts of money to fly in style? Let us know down below in the comments, and happy flying!

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