Learn the Truth About Industrial Air Compressors

Learn the Truth About Industrial Air Compressors

This video discusses air compressors. The video opens with John Wilkerson, from Kaishan USA, talking about air compressors last because that is how they were built. They are engineered not to fail to maintain the market.

When talking about competitors, a gentleman says the focus is on marketing, how quiet it is or how pretty it looks. Industrial air compressors are not made the same way they used to be. The steel gauge and closures have changed over the years.

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Everything has gotten less expensive, and it does not last for 10 years anymore.

Studies have proven that the general perception about air compressors is the quieter the machine is means the better the quality. We want to build items so that they can function in harsh environments. Kaishan built over 70,000 compressors last year. They have a global reputation with significant mass and reputation. There is nothing to match their products in the industry. There are massive units. The cabinets, base, and coolers are bigger. You can see that it is a quality machine. That is the American standard.

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