Knowing When to Charter a Private Jet

For today’s vacationers and traveling business professionals, there are several ways to get around, such as buses or trains, but ground-based transportation may be limited in some regards. Buses and trains can visit many places but not all, and for some trips, they may be too slow or too crowded for the traveler’s interests. The alternative is to charter a private jet and take to the skies. An executive jet or a a private jet charter can allow someone to visit a destination quickly and privately, and for traveling business professionals in particular, this can be a real relief against a crowded bus or train. To charter a jet is to travel in luxury and style, and those who can afford it may even buy their own aircraft, and find the best private jet on the market. Knowing how to to find the right jet is the key.

Charter a Private Jet

There are some distinct advantages when a person chooses to charter a private jet instead of taking a crowded bus or train or even a commercial flight. Land-based transportation may not be able to cross some terrain such as mountains or oceans, and ground travel may be slow. A chartered flight, meanwhile, can go over any obstacle and arrive somewhere quickly and discreetly. For example, someone flying from Tokyo to Seoul can charter a private jet to get there, but no one can drive a bus across the Sea of Japan. In North America, a bus may be adequate for driving from one city to another in the same state if so desired, but flying to a destination like Hawaii or Alaska will call for a jet. A person could take off from Seattle, for example, and arrive in Juneau at a private aircraft hangar.

There are plenty of jets to ride; a few years ago, as of 2011, some 11,261 private jets were registered across the United States, and there may be many more now, many of them open for chartered flights. Why charter a private jet for business travel, aside from flying over seas or oceans? A private, executive jet is a relaxing and quiet environment for the passengers, and for business professionals, this is a great place to get some work done. According to a 2009 survey, respondents said that they are 20% more productive on board a private jet than when they are working in the office, due to the quiet, low-stress setting of that jet’s interior. This may be related to how some office employees work from home, using Cloud data storage to send and receive documents and files with their co-workers and managers. Remote employees also report enjoying a low-stress environment that boosts their productivity. To charter a private jet is clearly to travel with business in mind. But could someone simply buy their jet instead?

Buy A Jet

Those with the budget and the interest can simply purchase a private jet and fly it anywhere they want to go. The options are to buy new or used, much like with cars. A new jet will cost the most, but the advantages are tempting. A new jet will have no wear or tear or maintenance issues, and it will have modern standards of fuel efficiency, speed, safety, communications, and features on board, and it will have all warranties in place. A used jet can be bought for a considerable discount, and as long as it passes an inspection, a used jet can be a good buy. The buyer should look over the jet’s interior and exterior alike for maintenance issues and look over the flight logs as well, and the buyer should also inquire about the used jet’s storage situation. Drier is better; a jet stored in a very humid environment may suffer some damage as a result of moisture exposure.

An owned jet can of course be flown whenever the owner chooses, but that owner may also offer his or her jet for private charters during times when they don’t intend to travel. The money made from paying customers is unlikely to turn a profit, but it can help cover some costs like fuel or maintenance, which can make it a good deal for everyone involved.

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