Keeping Customers By Offering Connectivity

Keeping Customers By Offering Connectivity

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In the twenty first century, staying connected is a necessity more than a luxury. When a consumer enters a store, studies have shown that they are far more likely to remain in that establishment if there is a steady media stream, showing demographic specific media. As such, subscription based companies that offer such targeted packages are a useful way to improve your business without even putting forth much effort.

“It is worth your time to check in with a Sky Business contact or another similar company,” said Gerry Ordway, CFO of Dalliance Entertainments. “We operate upwards of forty eight pubs and retail stores throughout Australia, and our customers demand different kinds of entertainment. In Perth, our guests are more interested in West Australian business news, but in a more multi cultural market like Sidney, our customers demand Asia business news. With a subscription service like Sky Business contact, we can offer customers what they want in the markets where they want it.”

Ordway’s experience is not uncommon. Large businesses all over Australia have been adopting this subscription model to keep their customers connected, thus keeping them in their stores for a longer period of time. Hotels and businesses that cater to the corporate market can choose packages that are heavy on business and financial news, while pubs, gambling establishments and the like can choose packages that are heavier on the sports and entertainment.

Even beyond generic differences in the packages, some subscription companies further target the demographics of a business, carefully studying trends and polling existing traffic to determine just what type of media would be most effective at keeping those customers in that business. Melbourne, for one example, the Sky Business contact determined that a client, a pub owner, had his business in a market that was particularly rabid for all things cricket. The Sky business contact arranged for a subscription service that not only carried the biggest cricket matches, but also worked in news and entertainment offerings that were heavy on references to cricket and cricketers.

“I could not believe it,” said the client, who politely asked not to have his name revealed for this article. “I always had decent traffic in my pub. It was a neighborhood place, you know? Word of mouth, that is how we survived the bills each month. Within a few weeks of installing this subscription media service, my pub was the go to hangout for seven major cricketing supporters groups. I’ve never seen my take so high during the off season!”

Staying connected is important, but even more important is being aware of just what your customers want to stay connected TO. Utilizing a subscription service that incorporates this kind of demographic research ensures that you will shortly become a how destination, not only bringing new people in the door, but keeping them there for a lengthy period of time. If you want to keep your customers, your need to know them, and offer them what they want and need in this twenty first century life. Otherwise, you are asking your competition to steal your profits.

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