Job Insecurity Is Threatening the Nation

Job Insecurity Is Threatening the Nation

The writing job was a life saver. Every morning at 7:00 am sharp you woke to an assignment. Sometimes you wrote about heating and air conditioning or roof repairs, sometimes you wrote about car accidents and personal injury attorneys. Always you were challenged.

And while getting the same topics again and again could be monotonous, you knew that eventually the algorithm would shift and you would be asked to move to another topic, sometimes as exciting as the island of Hawaii or the coastal towns of North Carolina.

A few months ago, however, everything changed. More and more often you awoke to no tasks. Again and again you found yourself finding one solitary task at 7:00 am, but then no more. Weekly payments that had neared $300 to $400 in the past now dropped below $100. And you watched as the year long rolling total plummeted from close to $17,000 to just below $10,000. Confusingly enough, while your individual totals dropped, the totals of those on the digital leaderboard skyrocketed. And while you were lucky to have hit highs of writing 75 articles a week in the past, the new leaderboard writers were nearing 45 by day three of the week and reaching 120 total by the end. Certain that the company must have switched the writing strategy to using bots, you still continued on your early morning habit of writing a task a day if it was available, wondering the whole time if your one assignment about even the most mundane topics were now being twisted and woven into many other versions.

Have You Noticed a Lack of Available Work?

In a time when the whole world has gone digital, many SEO writers may have thought that while other careers would have been sidelined, theirs would be busier than ever before. Unfortunately, as the need for more online content hit a fevered pitch, the reality was the many writers found themselves with fewer tasks as online writing companies went the way of bots to meet the high demand. Cutting the cost of paying for writers, the search engine optimization companies were able to increase their customer base significantly while slashing their expenses.

Unfortunately, if you have a dedicated online following on your website, you need more than repetitive rearrangements of the same piece of writing. When you ask for content about kitchen cupboards, for instance, you need unique pieces of writing that tell real life stories about how various kinds of families use their kitchens. Explanations of how the gash in the floor and the cupboard under the sink occurred when your oldest child first learned to ride and some how managed to carry her bicycle into the house. You want heart warming stories about the last three times your family was able to arrange a visit to see your otherwise self isolated 87 year old father and tales about how a private education at one of the top high schools in the area allowed your child to find a spot in an elite college on the east coast.

Whether you are an online writer, a small business owner, or in the medical field, it is certain that your job has been changed by the pandemic. In the worst cases, many people are looking at losing their homes as a result of lost or reduced wages. In many of these situations, an experienced mediator can make all of the difference. Even before the pandemic, there were as many as 90% of all Chapter 11 debtors who had less than $10 million in assets or liabilities, less than $10 million in annual revenues, and 50 or fewer employees. These are not the people who often had access to an experienced mediator in the past. Problems with consumer credit, contractual disputes, and other kinds of financial services, however, are often easier to navigate with the help of an experienced mediator. Whether you are an online writer, a company depending on the best SEO services, or a blue collar working trying to make your house payment, these are challenging times. Fortunately, experienced mediators may be able to help in a wide range of situations. Asking for help early, however, is often your biggest and best advantage. Desperate times require legal assistance to get the best results.

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