Is It Time for Your Company to Upgrade Its Cloud Communications?

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As the midwestern other has been posting over the past few days, she and her two children are on vacation near Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. What she has not posted is that she has had VERY limited connectivity. She has tried to upload a few pictures when she has had a signal, mainly so her husband can see what has been going on during the trip to the northwest coast. the mother and her two children have finely made their way to a larger town and have, for the time being at least, both WiFi and a strong phone signal. Imagine her surprise when she realized a new game has taken social media by storm.
She admitted that she was too tired to figure the new trend out for herself and innocently asked the question, “What exactly is Pokemon Go?”
You would have to have your head in the literal clouds today if you are not aware of the latest online gaming craze that has people collecting and capturing altered reality characters. In fact, the game is so pervasive and has grown in popularity to quickly that the bigger question might be are there some places where we should not be playing this game. As participants get so caught up in the game that they sometimes lose track of their surroundings and run into each other or physical obstacles, locations like the Washington Memorial Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., have had to release official statements that they do not want to be included in this latest online craze.
And while you may be able to ignore the insane number of people who appear to be aimlessly walking around while searching for identifiable backgrounds on their cell phones, it is less likely that you can ignore the presence and impact of cloud communications in today’s world.
Cloud Communications Provide Advantages to Companies Both Large and Small
Cloud services brokers help their customers decide about the services that they want to have at their large and small businesses. By helping their clients combine all of the services that they need, as well as make sure that all data is safely stored with a reliable cloud communications provider. Cloud service brokerage services are often in the best position to present the best options for businesses no matter what their size.
Consider the following statistics about how much today’s businesses handle and rely on their cloud communications needs:

  • 30% is the amount of data center infrastructure reduction that the government pans for as they move toward a cloud computing model their IT services.
  • 35% of today’s IT services are delivered totally, or at least partially, by cloud services.
  • 48% of the enterprising respondents indicate that they plan to adopt hybrid cloud services systems in the near future.
  • 52% of business organizations indicate that they have updated their existing cloud services or plan to do so in the next 12 months.
  • 59% of businesses indicate that they use cloud services to share data across applications nearly seamlessly.
  • 70% of CIO or top IT executives indicate that they are currently involved in the cloud purchase process.
  • 80% of organizations indicate that they have created or plan to create a guiding governance policy for their cloud use.

Where is your company in the cloud communications process? Do you have a brokerage service that helps you locate the data storage options that you need? Are you a small company with a scrambling IT staff that is attempting to stay caught up with the growing need for your company’s data storage?
As businesses across the entire country continue to find ways to store their valuable data and manage their necessary cloud communications needs, statistics indicate that many of these companies are still in the process of finalizing their IT storage plans. In fact, 60% of companies indicate that they use the public cloud; 57% indicate that they use the private cloud; 19% indicate that they use hybrid cloud services, which is a combination of both private and public cloud services.
As a parent of young children, you may be able to ignore the latest social media and gaming crazes. As a business owner, however, it is impossible to continue to ignore the growing need for cloud communication services.

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