Install a Soundproof Office Phone Booth

Even with increasing rates of office employees working remotely, most employees today still work at the actual office building of their employer. There, they have everything they need for a good day’s work, from their desk and PC to their phone and a copier machine. The problem is, employees are also surrounded by a lot of distractions, most of them noisy. Other conversations in person or on the phone, traffic outside, the hum of the microwave in the break room, and more can distract a worker and frazzle their nerves. This can raise stress levels and lower productivity, and what is more, it can interfere with phone calls. An office employee may have trouble hearing a client or a customer over the phone if there’s a lot of noise in the office, and the person on the other end may also have trouble hearing the office employee. The solution is to build a phone booth that blocks noise from the outside. A soundproof booth can do the job just fine, and a soundproof office booth may be installed when the manager hires contractors to install it. What are the perks of soundproof booths?

Phone Booth Office Space

As the name suggests, a soundproof booth for the office will be an enclosed space with a small desk, a telephone, and soundproof technology built into its walls. This office phone booth can be used by one person at a time, and the occupant may expect outside sounds to be cut in half, if not more. This is a boon not only for the occupant’s stress levels and productivity, but also for the business itself. After all, customers may get annoyed and switch to a different company after a poor-quality phone call, and studies show that many customers will give up on a company after just one instance of bad customer service. A difficult phone conversation could certainly cause this problem, and business clients may get a bad impression of an office if they can’t have a decent phone conversation. So, a soundproof booth may pay for itself by preventing annoyed customers from giving up on the company. Such a soundproof booth can boost customer retention.

What about the occupant inside a soundproof booth for the office? Most soundproof booths are a bit cramped, but they should have everything that the occupant needs, such as a seat and desk space for a laptop, folders and papers, and of course, the phone itself. This soundproofed area can have a positive mental effect on the occupant, who may expect their stress levels to drop as much as 27%. A lack of distractions may drastically improve their concentration levels, boosting them around 48% or so, and work error rates may drop close to 10%. This reduction in work errors and improvement in concentration can make the employee more productive in that phone booth, and this is bound to earn the company more revenue over time. That, combined with the improved quality of phone conversations, can make a soundproof office phone booth a fine investment. A manager may decide to have a soundproof phone booth installed if their employees often complain of excessive office distractions, or if a lot of customers are giving up on the company. Installing that soundproof booth can go a long way toward fixing those problems.

Other Soundproofing Methods

Only a minority of office employees today are choosing to work remotely, but this method of work is gaining popularity, and for good reason. Remote workers are totally free of office distractions, since they aren’t even there, and they can also cut commute times from their daily schedule. Working alone in the house will certainly lead to low stress levels and few, if any, distractions while on the phone. Hotels, meanwhile, can also make use of soundproofing, and often do. Noise complaints are common among hotel guests, so soundproof paint may be applied to the rooms’ walls. This may lower noise complaint levels and thus improve the average customer review for that hotel. A new hotel being constructed may have soundproof paint applied to its walls right away, so a hotel can be noise-friendly as soon as it opens.

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