Ins and Outs of Audiobook Distribution

Ins and Outs of Audiobook Distribution

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Writing and publishing your own book is a great achievement. Nowadays, though, it’s helpful to have your book in print and audio formats. This article will discuss audiobook distribution and marketing so you can make the most out of your audiobook.


The first thing is to find a distributor of your audiobook. There are a few questions to ask when looking for the right distributor. What percentage of the royalty do you receive?With Audible, it is 40% of the royalties. Is it an exclusive or non-exclusive contract? Audible grants only 25% to non-exclusive contracts. Do your research and find the best balance of control and royalties for your needs.


To get the word about your book out there, you’ll need reviews. Make sure to get reviews on your audio distributor’s website, as reviews elsewhere will not boost your audiobook sales. For instance, if someone leaves a review on Good Reads, it is good for your book but not your audiobook. To get reviews started, offer free downloads for customers who get your audiobook when it’s first released.

Promos & Extra Content

Now it’s time to do some work, yourself. Do promos with your narrator at bookstores or other appropriate venues. Release audio snippets on your social media to get followers to spread the word. The more effort you put in, the more publicity for your book.


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