Increase Brand Awareness and Sales with Custom Packaging

Point of purchase design

Are you looking for a company to design high-end retail displays for your business? Or perhaps you have realized the need for custom branded boxes and packaging. Whether you need a point of purchase display, customized shipping boxes, or another type of customized packaging, you’re probably aware that the quality and appearance of these items does matter to customers.

Packaging Digest published a recent article that focused on consumer decision making. It was shown that when customers make decisions, a package’s design matters down to the last few seconds on the store’s shelf. It’s also been found that roughly 70% of purchasing decisions are actually made in the store, so having attractive branded packaging can contribute significantly to your sales.

One of the largest segments of the packaging industry in the United States is corrugated packaging. In addition to being cost-efficient, corrugated packaging has been preferred over other types of packaging for over 100 years. Furthermore, since corrugated packing is composed of recycled material, this prevents a considerable amount of material from entering the nation’s landfills.

In addition to saving landfill space, corrugated boxes and packages usually contain 46% of recycled material. As a result, the environmental impact on greenhouse gases, acidification, and non-renewable energy is substantially lower.

In 2012 alone, the packaging industry recovered and recycled 91% of the total amount of container board that was produced. As stated before, this dedication to recycling saves landfill space. It was found that recycling just one ton of cardboard can save more than nine cubic yards.

Currently, there are over 1,500 box plants that employ approximately 70,000 people. These individuals produce the corrugated packaging that that is used to contain, display, and ship over 90% of the products in the United States.

Over the past ten years, there have been developments in this industry intended to reduce the weight of corrugated cardboard packaging. This is due to liner board light-weighting, which has resulted in a 10%-to-15% reduction in package weights. Having lighter packages can potentially reduce your shipping costs.

When you’re in business, you want to package and display your product line in the most effective way possible. It’s important to invest in high-end counter displays, pallet displays, custom product boxes, and other types of packaging.

As the article in Packaging Digest showed, customers do make purchases based on product packaging. When a product’s package looks appealing on the outside, the belief is that the product on the inside is desirable as well.

It makes sense to have high-end branded packaging, especially with custom graphics. When you choose to invest in branded packaging, the potential benefits are clear. Not only can branded packaging increase product and company awareness, it also shows your customers that you value their opinions.

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