I Want To Create A Sunday School Should I Choose A Modular Building Model?


Are you interested in starting your very own Sunday school? Perhaps you’ve been perusing churches for sale in an attempt to find the best possible deal. When traditional building models are just a little further out of your budget than you expected and you’re hoping to get your school started sooner rather than later, you may be interested in the benefit of a modular building. Also known as a portable building, these are eco-friendly models that can be built quickly, efficiently and reliably. Not too familiar with the benefits of a modular building and how they work? Check out the top five questions below to give you the bigger picture.

How Quickly Is A Portable Building Made?

Churches for sale have been seeing a huge spike in activity. When you take a glance at American statistics, it makes sense. There are an estimated 156 million unchurched people in the United States, many who are actively seeking out a place they can worship and study in comfort. Some modular homes are able to be built in specialized factories in as little as one to two weeks, though some of the more complicated models can take up to 12 weeks.

What Amenities Does A Portable Building Have?

Worried that your churches for sale might not have what you need? Let’s take a look at the basics. Electrical, plumbing and duct work are usually not factored into the initial pricing, so it’s helpful to double-check with your contractor to make sure everything is in place before you hit the green light. Additional basics can also be established, but you’ll want to keep an eye on your budget. Keep reading below to learn more…

What Are The Highest Expenses For A Modular Building?

Churches for sale need more than a few creature comforts to keep students and worshipers satisfied. Buildings comprise the second largest area of expenses for most churches, with a permanent building often having both ongoing and hidden costs. You have maintenance, repairs, electricity, phone and security services. Overall? That can be 30% to even 40% of a church’s budget. Consider a portable building, which establishes the basics and keeps your wallet happy.

How Is A Modular Building Environmentally Friendly?

More people than ever are considering the impact of their carbon footprint. The Northwest Portable Classroom Project, thoroughly analyzed by Washington State University, found out some very interesting things about modular buildings. Portables built to the 1993 code were 44% more energy efficient than models built just 25 years earlier. Portables built to 2000 codes were 20% more efficient than 1993 models. On the whole, the initial cost of a portable classroom was between 36% and 77% of a site-built version.

What Is The Future Of The Portable Building?

Whether it’s churches for sale or school portables, the future of the modular building is looking bright indeed. A portable building study saw 40% of the contractors responding saying that both prefab and modular construction is a growing part of their companies. Since modular construction reduces both design and construction time by up to 50%, more and more people are eager to reap the benefits of a high-quality, flexible building model for their school. An additional study saw the overwhelming reason people turned to portable classrooms was the speed of delivery, followed closely by shifting enrollment. Sound like music to your ears? Get your Sunday school or tutoring studio off the ground with the best option around.

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