How You Can Refresh the Look of Your Business

How You Can Refresh the Look of Your Business

Are you a business owner? Does your property need a facelift? Here are some modern remodel ideas that can help boost your look and a strategic framework for any business that wishes to refresh.

1. Think about your business identity. What impression does it convey? What makes it unique? Consider your strengths, weaknesses, history, etc.

2. Think about your ideal customers. Who is your target market? Remind yourself of who is not a customer and why. You can’t please everyone, so don’t try. Target specific buyers or clients.

3. Think about what your business is offering. Then relate that to your identity and your target market.

4. Think about the physical appearance of your building and overall property.

Parking lot repair

Potholes create serious liability issues while ruining the look of your entire parking lot. Neglecting potholes can result in serious damage or injury. Pothole repairs are very cost-effective, eliminating further damage, deterioration, liability, and pavement-related problems.

Here are three main reasons why your parking lot should be in good repair.

1. Preserve aesthetics

a. The primary reason for maintaining your parking lot is to create a good impression on the clients who visit your business. If your parking lot is worn out and cracked, it will leave potential customers with the wrong impression, possibly hurting your business.

2. Reduce liability

a. There are liability concerns as a business owner is liable for any accidents occurring in their parking lot area due to negligence. If someone were to fall in your parking lot or a car is damaged because of neglected pothole maintenance, a liability issue results.

3. Reduced costs

a. In addition to keeping the parking lot attractive and safe, maintaining it can save you on major replacement or repair costs in the future. You will not need to be concerned about your parking lot deterioration over time if you keep up with routine maintenance.

By keeping up with parking lot repairs such as seal coating, crack repair, and pothole patching, you will save money in the long run. Your asphalt parking lot will last a long time if you give it the care it needs.

Hardscaping services

Hardscaping includes man-made features such as walls or paths incorporated into the landscape architecture of your property. Paved roads, pathways, driveways, or patio areas are found in property hardscapes. Materials such as wood, concrete, brick, stone, gravel, metal, boulders, and mulch are used to construct them. Here are some reasons why you should retain hardscaping services to improve the look of your business.

1. Low maintenance

a. One of the most appealing benefits of property hardscapes is the limited amount of maintenance required. Once the design is in place, no mowing, watering, pruning, trimming is required. Your property hardscape is set for years to come.

2. Water-efficient

a. In areas where drought is common, hardscaping is a great solution to fight the waste of water. Rather than wasting gallons of water to maintain the lawn on your business property, a hardscape does not require water. Also, you do not need to be concerned about yellow grass or dying plants.

3. Increases property value

a. By using hardscape material, the value of your business can increase. It creates an outdoor extension of your business where buyers or customers can relax and entertain in the space.

4. Adds entertainment space

a. A patio space can be an extension of your business, especially during the warmer months. Customers can enjoy an outdoor experience while sitting around a fire pit, enhancing the appeal of your business.

5. Adds dimension

a. Some hardscaping can add dimension to your business property. You no longer need to have a flat, wide-open area. Add different levels, defined edges, and curved walkways to create a visually attractive space.

6. Reduces erosion

a. An effectively planned hardscape can reduce potential erosion. Barriers using concrete or stone in areas where erosion is likely to occur, you can keep your property’s grounds intact.

Roof repairs

A well-maintained, safe roof is vital for your business’s structural integrity. A well-built roof protects your business’s interior from bad weather and helps with fire prevention.

Contact a roofing company for an inspection. Damage may not be visible from the ground but will be evident during an inspection. Missing shingles, damage from impact, and damage to the roof vents, flue caps, or skylights can reduce the integrity of the roof. The most common causes of roof decline are snow, wind, and hail, causing blistering, decay, and other damage.

Mechanical maintenance

Preventive maintenance on buildings is the most cost-effective method for minimizing wear and tear on a commercial property due to everyday use and weather. A carefully designed building maintenance plan will reduce the risk of expensive repairs in the future while extending the life of expensive building assets such as the HVAC system and roof.

Here are some tips to help develop a maintenance plan to extend the life of your commercial business.

1. Develop a maintenance checklist that will include the following:

a. Access controls

b. Electrical and lighting

c. Fire alarms and sprinklers

d. Garages


f. Parking lots and pavement

g. Plumbing

h. Roofing

2. Implement a maintenance schedule based on the season. For example, in the fall, pay close attention to the condition of the roof, especially where snow and ice can build up. Winterizing the roof will decrease heating costs and increase its longevity. During the summer months, concentrate on ways to make your building more eco-friendly by reducing costs to cool, such as tinting the windows, add reflective roof coatings, etc.

3. To refresh the look of your business, think beyond the building. There are overlooked parts of a commercial property that should be included in the preventive maintenance plan.

a. Irrigation systems

b. Outbuildings such as storage buildings or sheds

c. Parking lots and garages

d. Perimeter fences and automatic gates

4. Prevent pest infestation before it happens. Inspect the building to look for small openings, cracks, etc., where insects can enter. Keep the landscaping neat and trimmed away from the building. Trees should not touch the building. Hire a pest control service to ensure your business property is free from pests. Also, make sure all areas of the interior of the building are clean to prevent rodent infestation.

5. Create a maintenance manual to include maintenance checks for each season. It should include:

a. Floorcare

b. HVAC maintenance and repair (such as water heater repair or furnace repair)

c. Pest control

d. Roofing

You will save money in the long run by spending extra time ensuring your business property is in top condition. It will also refresh the look of your business and increase customer interest.

Give bathroom areas a facelift

The bathroom areas in a business are often a neglected part of any business. If it is a public facility or just for employees, cleanliness and functionality are critical. The state of your restroom area is a reflection of your business and brand.

Contact bathroom remodeling contractors. They may suggest the following:

1. Touchless fixtures/faucets

a. One of the best upgrades you can make to your business restroom is to install a touchless commercial faucet. It enables guests or employees to wash their hands properly without recontamination. Make sure you also add a touchless soap dispenser to refresh your business’s look in a sanitary and modern way.

2. Auto flush urinals and toilets

a. This is the next obvious upgrade after the faucets. They not only improve and modernize your business restroom but reduce the contaminated surfaces that people touch.

3. Touchless towel dispenser

a. As air dryers can slow down bathroom traffic, we are talking about paper towel dispensers. A study shows that bacteria such as potential pathogens and spores can be deposited on the hands due to bathroom hand dryers. For a hygienic solution, a touchless towel dispenser option is preferred.

4. Motion detecting lights to avoid switches

5. Door handle alternatives such as arm pulls

6. Ensure the flooring is not worn out or water-stained

7. Sinks and counters can enhance the look of the restroom

8. Lighting should be more than adequate

9. Large bathroom mirrors for checking user’s appearance

10. Decorate the walls of the room with art, reviews, or just a fresh paint job

Upgrade the office space

When considering an office space renovation, there are many factors to consider. If not properly planned, you will spend more money than initially allotted. Poor organization can also lead to significant delays. Here are some tips.

1. Visualize the design you want for your renovation. Senior management needs to have an idea of the type of environment they want their office to have. Using architecture design platforms can help to design the space successfully.

a. Make sure the design matches projected growth, your industry, and projects an image of professionalism.

2. Will the renovation be subject to harsh weather? If you live in an area with excessive snowfall, your remodel could be impacted by inclement weather.

3. Consider if your business will be shifting industries and require specialized spaces. This is a common occurrence for businesses to add another facet of the business to their company over time. If you can anticipate this, a better space can be designed to increase productivity.

4. Ensure you have adequate space for expanding staff. As the business grows, additional staff will be needed. Make projections about how you see business growth within the next five to seven years. Consider if you have enough coworking spaces. If you are able to anticipate this growth, you can make changes to ensure an efficient and productive office space.

5. Remember that you can refresh the look of your business by the use of cost-effective materials. This is essential when designing and managing an office renovation. Work with a designer to find the balance between a cost-effective project and an elegant result.

6. Plan your space generously. Make sure you include enough storage or inventory space. This is an error frequently made in an office remodel. Remember that it is better to have too much storage area than not enough.

7. One of the best ways you can refresh the look of your business is with the use of environmentally friendly technologies. The use of new electrical fixtures that save energy can also provide other advantages. Many local governments offer businesses a positive tax incentive for doing so. This will save your business money.

8. Another eco-friendly suggestion is to have designated recycling areas included in the design. Employees simply need to follow instructions on the recycling bins. This addition helps the environment, which has an appeal to both current and future customers.

9. When remodeling your businesses’ interior, make sure you have an attractive reception area to greet current and potential customers.

a. When remodeling your businesses’ interior, make sure you have an attractive reception area to greet current and potential customers.

b. Consider using the services of a commercial office furniture store when choosing seating, tables, or other pieces you would like in your reception area.

c. A design consultant from an upscale furniture store can be retained to help with some aspects of the interior renovation.

d. The size of the reception area should be in direct proportion to the size and type of your business. The associated cost and sophistication of the reception area depend primarily on what happens in the business.

e. The elements needed for a reception area are a reception desk, ergonomically correct chair for the receptionist, comfortable chairs for the guests, a table to hold magazines or literature.

f. A surface where the visitors can use their laptops, hold their purses, briefcases, or other personal belongings while waiting.

g. Other decorative elements, such as beautiful glass accessories, ceramic lamps, etc., add to the space’s first impression when a visitor or potential client enters the building.

To refresh the look of a business and enable employees to continue working with as little disruption as possible, working with an experienced consultant will help complete the refresh of your business in the most professional way possible while attracting new clients and customers.

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