How to Make a Custom Iron Window

How to Make a Custom Iron Window

Many homeowners wonder about installing a custom iron window, but there’s a lot they should know about the process of fabricating them. The Youtube video “How Thermal Steel Windows and Doors are Made – Arcadia Custom” shows how these are made so everyone can understand the pricing, materials, etc. Let’s find out more!

The first step in the process is designing the door, which an expert does on their computer with the help of CAD or another similar program. The design gets approved at some point, and they send it to the manufacturer.

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At the manufacturing company, a precision laser will cut stainless steel to form the window sent over by the architect or engineer. Then, the factory conducts the automated CNC thermal break fabrication.

Next, a worker has to reinforce the stainless steel with studs and weld it. The video shows the thermal fusion assembly process, which is the next step. Afterward, they’ll weld the 1-piece glazing frames, and then, the custom iron window will go through the multistep acrylic polyurethane painting process. The factory will later install high-performance glass in a safe environment.

You can check the rest of the video for all the details about making a custom iron window.


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