How to Keep Documentation Safe in a Construction Zone

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There’re several things that can make administrative work a lot easier when you are usually working at a job site amidst construction. It’s important to make sure that there’s still a safe place to keep documents and work on the paper side of the job. It’s great to have all the safety procedures in place, make sure policies are being followed and buildings constructed but you need a place to work on contracts, agreements, policies, blueprints, records, budgets and all of the other things that are involved in building a home or an office building or really anything needs to be in a written form. Here are a few ideas for where administrative and management work can get done during construction.

Portable Offices
Portable office containers are probably the best way to be able to get this done. This is literally an office that can be easily set up right there on the construction site and then torn down or moved when the job is done. You could actually set up your mobile office containers on the bed of a flat bed truck so that it can be easily moved from site to site as the projects and job move on. Another name for it is a container pop up shop. This pretty much describes it. You can think of it like one of those birthday cards that when you open it, jumps out at you as a 3D message. That’s exactly what this portable offices are life. But, the greatest thing about them is that they can be locked up like a real office. You could put in lockable filing cabinets, lockable windows and doors and pretty much make it as secure as you want it to be.

Permanent Offices
You do have the option to always remain at the official headquarters and permanent offices but the problem with that is that you won’t have eyes on the project. If you decide to do this, then you’ll want to appoint a manager or boss of sorts to oversee the project and act as your proxy on site when you cannot be there. Workers have a tendency to stop working as hard when they are not being watched so you’ll need to make it known that whoever you put in charge is standing in for you and will be in constant contact. You’ll need to also set up a radio system or cell phones so that the manager or foreman can reach you at all times during the day. This way, however, you know for sure that all of the records and documentation will be kept save and how of the way of harm should something go wrong at the construction site.

You can have a safe installed on the job site where you can keep all important records and documentation. It’s a great way to keep papers locked up that you need to keep handy and accessible. However, it’s not a great solution if you will need to do more than refer to them. If anything needs to be worked on, adapted, changed or drawn up, the top of a safe is not a good place to do it. You really need something like a portable office or regular one to do that type of work in. Having said that, you could also keep the permanent offices for drawing up new plans and working on the documentation and then anything that needs to be accessible on the site could be kept in the safe. A safe should be kept clear of any construction equipment or machinery and should be fire proof and water proof in order to protect it.

This is the actually the most important factor about any kind of office or container where documentation is being kept. If you are storing these things on site, not only do they need to be kept locked away but they need to be protected from any accidents happening on the sites such as fires and floods. Unfortunately, thievery is the only thing that you need to worry about when it comes to papers. They’re fragile and even if you have them fully protected you’ll need back ups off site.

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