How to Get Licensed to Be an HVAC Contractor

How to Get Licensed to Be an HVAC Contractor

Air conditioning contractor with HVAC mechanical licenses are known to be in demand no matter where their clients are. And with that, every air conditioning contractor should obtain license requirements, and it could vary in every state.

This video will serve as a guide for every air conditioning contractor to get a license in accordance with the policy.

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Requirements to Become an HVAC Contractor

There are requirements with regard to licensing in every state. Regulation could differ, yet there may also be similarities.

For an HVAC contractor to become established, it needs to:

* Willing to undergo a background check
* Prove education
* Pay the application fee
* Pass the license exam

When it comes to proving education, it highly involves technical coursework on HVAC classes or refrigeration systems. Followed by an apprenticeship to obtain an experience in the field.

Once you gained work experience, as well as passing the exam, you will be able to work on your own and get licensing as an HVAC contractor.

Requirements to Get an HVAC License

Here are the requirements to comply with getting an HVAC license.

* 18 years old or older with no criminal record or felonies
* GED or high school diploma, or bachelor’s degree to get a higher level of licensing
* On-the-job or classroom experience with a recognized HVAC training program and worked with a licensed HVAC contractor


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