How to Choose Your Shipping Preference

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Cargo, in the sphere of air travel, is often thought of as a person’s luggage–a big suitcase that needs to be weighed in order to be put on a plane with a certain weight threshold (any more and you’ll pay a steep fee). But cargo in the larger sense means anything that is being shipped, from your FedEx deliveries to postal mail.

The air cargo industry represents an estimated 30% of the total worldwide shipment value and there are many benefits of having a working, reliable air cargo system. The short transportation time air cargo provides decreases the risk of damage to products and ensures a higher quality product delivery.

Air cargo services are necessary for managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information, and other resources like products, services, and people, from the source of production to the final destination. The profits are high and the value of the cargo high as well. In 2012, the global aviation industry transported an estimated $6.4 trillion worth in cargo.

When businesses come into play within the cargo industry–whether in air cargo or in sea freight shipping–someone who has a purchasing agent job will likely have the purchasing decisions for their company or the department in which they are in. The purchasing agent responsibilities often include managing the acquisition of equipment, supplies, or any materials needed for production.

An aspect of shipping–whether in air cargo or in sea freight shipping–is the option of going “door to door.” Door to door delivery means that a product moves from the point of origin to the point of sale with minimal interruptions. Also called “point to point” transportation, this method decreases the amount of travel time needed due to fast transportation and reduces the possibility of damaged goods.

Door to door has many other connotations as well, such as door to door flyer distribution, which is when canvassers go from house to house, knocking on each door, and spreading awareness about a political campaign or social issue. Another is door to door selling, which is about going house to house selling a product or service.

When looking into different shipping options, it’s important to consider how fast you want your delivery shipped and through what channels. Often, the speed in which you want it shipped will determine some of the channels by which it is shipped. Many companies offer the option of overnight or 2-day delivery, but it is usually pricier, often 50% or more than the usual delivery fee.

Sea freight shipping is an option for many companies, who may have large enough goods to be transported in containers that are on ships. While this may take longer than a plane shipment, it is often a safe method of travel that is good for much larger or significantly heavier products.

Whether it is sea freight shipping or through air cargo, knowing your options helps in determining what decision you want to make.

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