How To Choose The Right Size Screw

There is no doubt that screws happen to be some of the most powerful tools today. Ideally, screws are meant to join two different pieces or more. Whereas the purpose of screws is almost similar to that of nails, it is easy to join pieces together using screws as they are reusable. Most people however do not know what to look for when looking to buy screws. It is worth noting that screws come in different shapes and sizes. This means that different projects require different types of screws depending on a number of factors. You don’t have to be an expert craftsman to buy the right screws as you can always ask for recommendations from your supplier. However, having some technical details about different screw types can go a long way in ensuring that you buy the right type. Some of the most common type of screws include: captive fastener, custom micro screw, captive screws, tiny screws, machine screw and stainless steel screw. Considering that some projects require a custom small screw specialist, it is important that you first establish the scope of your project in order to choose the right screw. For example, mega projects such as bridges require screws that can handle the intended workload. So the next time you are looking to buy the right screws from a custom small screw specialist, consider the following factors.

Consider the Intended Use
When buying screws from a custom small screw specialist, take into consideration the intended use. This is what determines the viability of the project. There are three major types of screws that derive their names from the kind of head the screw has when being driven in. The first type is the slotted head screw that is commonly used for simple joints. The other type is the Philips head that is commonly found on appliances, hinges and machines. The third type is the multi-head type that is used widely construction and heavy machinery. The multi-head screws are also used in consumer products in order to prevent people from disassembling such products. Considering that each of the different type of screws has its own unique features, you should match your type of screws to the project you are undertaking. A custom small screw specialist should be able to guide you on the right type of screws in the event that you are not sure on the right kind. Apart from the intended use, another way of identifying screws is by considering secondary features such as length and the thread gauge. For example, there are screws whose thread is close together compared to others. You often find that the thread on wood screw is farther apart compared to screws used in metal. The reason for this is so that the wood screws can bite into the wood and not just function as a drill bit.

How to Choose
Once you approach a custom small screw specialist, always try to get a second opinion regarding the right type of screws. The custom small screw specialist can guide you on the best screws to use based on the intended purpose. Of course you will come across different kind of screws at the hardware store ranging from wood screws to drywall screws. Choose your screws but at the same time think about what the screws will be joining. For example, you need wood screws if their intended function is building a birdhouse. You also need to take into consideration the thickness of the material you are joining. An expert tip is that wood has a tendency of splitting when a screw is driven into it. To avoid this, you need to pre-drill a hole that is slightly narrower than the screw. Despite the exercise of buying the right screw from a custom small screw specialist looking like an easy endeavor, knowing just the right type can be challenging. Just imagine the kind of losses you would incur in the even that you used the wrong screws in a construction project. The next time you are looking to buy the right screws, narrow down your search to your project and also ask for recommendations from the custom small screw specialist

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