How Often Do You Have to Travel for Work?

The success has snuck up on you. It’s not that you haven’t been paying attention, it is just that you have been so busy keeping up with all of the new clients that you did not really notice how quickly the recent success of your consulting team has grown. After much thought you had to hire two new members for your team, and this is likely one of the reasons why you briefly lost track of the growing profits.
You really do not have an office since the majority of your meetings take place on site with the clients, so you are looking for a way to make a worthwhile investment in your company. In the end, rather than spend any money on an office space, you have decided to get an executive jet charter to aid in the efforts for you and your employees to more effectively meet and connect with a growing number of clients.

Private Jets Offer a Number of Advantages to Businesses of All Sizes
If you have to fly often for work you know the hassle and the inconvenience of flying commercially. The decision to get an executive jet charter for your business, however, can help you eliminate these obstacles for both you and your employees. The latest research indicates that respondents to a 2009 survey indicated that they are 20% more productive on a company aircraft than when they are in the office. Finding the right plane for these trips, therefore, can increase this productivity even more. Knowing that you will have a space to yourself and that you will not be interrupted by other passengers, for instance, can help workers make their time in the air as productive as possible.

Although much of the news about the air transportation industry often focuses on the commercial flights that most of us take, the fact of the matter is that there were as many as 11,261 private jets registered in the U.S. in the year 2011. And while much of traveler attention in on large commercial airports when Americans think of travel, the reality is that there are far more smaller airports in the country than larger commercial airports. In a time when more and more business people are looking for a way to use their travel time more efficiently, there will likely be a growing number of companies that will make use of private charter flight options.

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