How Kelvix Lighting Started

How Kelvix Lighting Started

Up until a hundred and some years ago, humanity trudged through the dark. Before the invention of electricity and electric lightbulbs, light was typically provided either by the sun or flames (say torches or bonfires.) Folks at home might spend the whole night in darkness. These days, you can often conjure up light simply by flicking a switch. That said, not all modern lighting systems are created equal and some, like Kelvix lighting, are better than others.

Kelvix was founded to pursue the best modern lighting. Kelvix lighting focuses on LED lighting.

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LED stands for “Light emitting diodes.” Seeing micro LED for the first time can be rather enlightening. Fact is, LED lighting systems are far better than the traditional lightbulbs common during the 20th century.

Micro LED lighting can often achieve a higher level of brightness than traditional bulbs. These lightbulbs are also highly efficient and durable, helping you save money. Many people find micro LED lighting to be easier on the eyes. Fact is, traditional lightbulbs can feel rather harsh, but that’s not the case with LED lighting.

Modern electrical lighting has come a long way over the last several decades. And Kelvix lighting has helped drive innovation in the industry.


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