How Commercial Asphalt Paving Works

How Commercial Asphalt Paving Works

Have you ever wondered how commercial asphalt paving works? You’re about to find out! In this video, Asphalt Testing and Solutions explains just how a paving operation goes step by step. At the end of this video, helpful considerations for a successful project will be addressed.

Every day starts with a tailgate meeting where the day’s work crew gathers to establish tasks.

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This is followed by going down the prepaving checklist. First, the screed needs to be heated. Tow points then need to be centered. The paving width must be set, as must the main screed crown and slope extensions. Once the screed is lowered into a starting position, it’s time to null the screed and set the end gates. The auger height must be set two inches above what is being placed. Feed sensors need to be placed and the auger chamber needs to be filled. After that, it’s time to pull off from the starting point. At this point, the paving begins!

We hope you will enjoy this video as it gives a detailed demonstration of commercial asphalt paving. A lot of work goes into making the streets we drive on every day. As citizens who drive on them daily, we appreciate it.

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